Where to go by car in Spain? The 5 Best routes!

We are very lucky to have a country that offers us an enormous variety of landscapes, as well as incredible and varied places to visit. And we are also lucky that it is possible to visit it by different means of transport; plane, car, train…

Are you interested in knowing where to go by car in Spain? If you are one of those who like to enjoy the road while you do tourism, in this post we want to help you by recommending some of the best places in Spain to travel by car.

Let’s meet them!

The 5 best road routes in Spain, take note!

In a country as complete and diverse as Spain, it is very difficult to select the best routes to take by car. However, we have opted for 5 that we believe that yes or yes you have to visit them at least once.

And it is that doing tourism with your own car can be one of the best options to tour Spain!

Of course, we do not recommend starting it without first being truly prepared to make a trip by car safely.

To do this, remember to do a complete inspection of the vehicle in the days prior to the trip, do not forget to have contracted a good car insurance that covers you for unforeseen events, and above all, do at least a minimum planning of the route (destination, address, roads, stops, time…) in order to make the most of your trip.

Now yes, let’s see what our recommendations are where to go by car in Spain.

Costa Brava Route – Catalonia

This is one of the most special, but above all it is one of the best routes by car in Spain to do in summer.

A winding road of 111 km that goes from Blanes to Portbou, passing through beautiful coves with turquoise waters, beaches, Mediterranean vegetation, coastal towns and fishing villages.

Ideal to make stops, take pictures and take the opportunity to take a dip in the transparent waters of the Costa Brava Catalana.

What do you think of this summer plan?

best routes by car Spain

Route of the White Towns – Andalusia

Its very name indicates it, a display of towns with white facades and adorned with colorful flowers. But above all, one of the best ways to take a tourist trip by car through Andalusia and one of the cheap car routes in Spain.

Nothing more and nothing less than 19 towns from Cádiz and Málaga are the ones that make up this route. Being Border Arches the gateway to this route, these beautiful towns are located in a unique environment of mountains and vegetation that contrasts with the blue of the sky and the white of the houses.

Road, nature, gastronomy, good weather and welcoming people, what more can you ask for?

road trip through Andalusia

Silver Route – Extremadura

If what you are looking for is a more extensive route for a trip of more days, we suggest the historic Ruta de la Plata, an 810 km long road that crosses Spain from north to south through the A-66 motorway. Specifically, it connects Gijón with Seville, passing through some of the most essential places on the peninsula.

Through it you will pass through many points of interest in Castilla y León and Extremadura, including the beautiful Valle del Jerte, one of the most beautiful natural places in Spain.

The origin of this road is the Roman road that went from Mérida to Astorga and many compare it to the mythical route 66 of the United States.

Ready to hit the road?

what routes by car to do in Spain

Route of the Mills – Castilla la Mancha

A unique route that will captivate everyone, but especially lovers of literature.

Full of one of the most recognizable icons of La Mancha, the Windmills, they give a peculiar character to the towns through which it passes, being also known as the “Ruta del Quixote”.

This is an ideal itinerary to carry out in several days by road, where you can visit Consuegra, Campo de Criptana, Herencia, Alcázar de San Juan, Puerto Lápice, Madridejos, El Romeral, Belmonte, Tembleque and above all, you cannot forget climb the Mota del Cuervo hill, where the famous Balcony of La Mancha.

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Cantabrian Highway – Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia

The A-8 runs through most of the northern part of our country. A route by car between the sea and the mountains, which will also allow you to discover beaches, charming villages and places that mix heritage value with exquisite cuisine.

Euskadi, Bilbao, the Rías de Cantabria, the Rías Asturianas, Cudillero, Santillana del Mar or Gijón are some of the many interesting places that this highway passes through.

Do you dare to make a weekend getaway along this route?

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Now that you know our recommendations on where to go by car in spain, you may also be interested in knowing which are the best destinations in Spain for a getaway.

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