Samsonite and American Tourister suitcases comparison, which one is better?

Are you looking to buy carry-on luggage or carry-on luggage and don’t know which brand to choose? The popular brands of luggage and travel accessories are sure to be familiar to you American Tourister and Samsonite. And in fact, we have recommended them to you several times on our blog.

So, how about we make a Samsonite and American Tourister suitcase comparison?

Samsonite vs. American Tourister suitcases

Before you read on … Did you know that American Tourister belongs to the Samsonite brand?

That’s right, it emerged in 1933, but in 1993 it was acquired by Samsonite, in order to create a more youthful and colorful line of suitcases.

But today, the qualities are very similar, so if you are thinking of buying an American Tourister suitcase or a Samsonite suitcase, let’s take a look to see what are the advantages, disadvantages and characteristics of each brand in its main models .

Samsonite suitcases

Samsonite suitcases

Who does not know this famous luggage brand? And it is that it has been manufacturing high-end suitcases and travel accessories for more than 100 years!

As soon as you see a Samsonite suitcase, it is easy to check its quality in the materials, its resistance, firmness … In addition, Samsonite suitcases usually have elegant designs and more or less “standard”, capable of fitting with any style of traveler.

On the other hand, having spent so many years manufacturing travel suitcases has allowed him to know exactly what users are looking for and, among other things, all Samsonite suitcases have a TSA security number lock, and many of they with lockable zippers, which makes the travel experience a little easier.

Therefore, quality, design and functionality are the pillars that characterize the products of this company with a manufacturing seal in Europe (they have a production plant in Oudenaarde, Belgium and another in Szeksard, Hungary) and that has even won numerous awards for design and durability of materials.

And is that the trick of Samsonite suitcases is in the rigorous quality controls to which they are subjected before entering the market.

Are you looking for the best Samsonite suitcase to travel?

We (and also the vast majority of travelers who use Samsonite suitcases) recommend:

The Samsonite S’Cure Spinner suitcase, a rigid, durable and light suitcase. Available both in a carry-on bag and in larger sizes and also in a generous range of colors for all tastes.

The Samsonite Paradiver Light suitcase, a resistant polyurethane travel bag, with great capacity and functionality. It is available in various sizes, both for carry-on and checked luggage, and is designed with a more select style. Above is one of his award-winning suitcases.

The Samsonite Lite Shock suitcase, a rigid suitcase, very resistant, very light and one of the most innovative of the brand. It is available in various sizes and sober shades. Ah! And this Samsonite suitcase is award-winning too.

The Samsonite Base Boost Upright suitcase, a lightweight, spacious polyester fabric suitcase with a good price. Available in various sizes, both for cabin luggage and for large suitcase and in traditional colors.

Here is a very funny video where the same brand Samsonite parodies the strong hardness and resistance of its Samsonite Lite Shock model. Do not miss it!

American Tourister suitcases

As we have already mentioned, the American Tourister luggage brand belongs to Samsonite, but did you know that it is also the second most important luggage brand in the world after Samsonite and with a presence in 90 countries?

The American tourister suitecases

In this way, it has been offering the same quality as Samsonite but with more affordable prices and with more daring designs.

American Tourister has both rigid suitcases and semi-rigid or even aluminum suitcases, expandable suitcases, suitcases with laptop compartment, 4 wheels and 2 wheels, Disney suitcases, travel bags with wheels, with a more classic design or with designs more modern …

Ultimately, their goal is to create young, fun and colorful travel bags with very competitive prices.

Are you looking for the best American Tourister suitcase to travel?

Here are some of the ones that we recommend and that we have already discussed on other occasions:

The American Tourister Sound Spinner suitcase is one of the most popular and valued. It is also one of the most striking designs the brand has made to date. Among its main advantages is also that of being an expandable suitcase. That is, with the opening of a zipper, you get more capacity. This suitcase is available in different sizes and in at least 18 great designs!

The American Tourister Bon Air Spinner suitcase, a particularly practical suitcase, but also made with quality materials. It is the hard case with the best value for money from American Tourister. It’s available in different sizes for both carry-on and checked luggage, and you can choose from a wide range of attractive colors.

It is another of the models that combines style and practicality. It is available in bright and youthful colors, keeping the design also in the interior. In the larger models it includes a zipper that allows greater capacity.

And last but not least, the American Tourister Holiday Heat Spinner suitcase, a soft and flexible suitcase, with a more classic design, with elegant colors, and without losing the quality standards of the brand. Also available in different luggage sizes.

Below we show you a promotional video of the American Tourister luggage brand where they show us in a fun way many of their luggage models and designs.

If you like to travel only with hand luggage, you can also see the best 5 American Tourister suitcases for air travel without checking in.

Comparison American Tourister and Samsonite suitcases

Now that we have seen the characteristics of each brand of luggage separately, American Tourister or SamsoniteHow about we compare them?

Samsonite suitcases (opinion)

Samsonite is a brand with so much history and so engraved in our minds, that it is difficult to speak ill of it.

Like all the accessories it manufactures, Samsonite cases go through different resistance and shock tests, until they define resistant, durable, firm cases… but at the same time light and easy to handle.

The designs are more classic, but always with a touch of personality and a barrage of innovative brushstrokes.

The downside of Samsonite suitcases?

From our point of view, this is not a disadvantage in itself, as your products deserve it. But it is true that the high price of their suitcases does filter in the type of traveler who is made with them. Well the cheaper Samsonite suitcases and therefore the most basic, do not go below € 80.

Of course, among its many advantages is the trust of a well-defined brand with a long history, the guarantee of its products and closeness to the consumer, so that even some suitcases include free customization in the design.

American Tourister suitcases (opinion)

For its part, the American Tourister suitcase brand, although increasingly known by more travelers, is not as widespread as Samsonite, and perhaps we have not yet won its trust in mind.

But the truth is that the quality and durability of the suitcases is very good and it also has the plus of being very attractive, functional and light suitcases. In short, they combine functionality and design perfectly with affordable prices and achieving good value for money.

It is easy to find great suitcases that will accompany you many trips, for less than € 80.

Conclusion, are Samsonite or American Tourister suitcases better?

Time to get wet! Samsonite vs American Tourister, which to choose?

It will depend on your tastes, needs as a buyer and preferences as a traveler… What matters most to you when buying a suitcase is the design? Do you prefer to travel with an exclusive suitcase whatever the cost? Do you give a lot of importance to the brand? What matters most to you when you travel is practicality but as long as you carry quality luggage? …

If we talk about Samsonite and American Tourister, comparing which brand is better in terms of quality of materials and manufacturing is not worth it, since they are manufactured under the same brand, and we are also talking about the most important brand of suitcases worldwide.

From our point of view, as luggage users, we are clear that the first thing we look at when choosing a suitcase is the design and the price, and we believe that most travelers do.

Therefore, for us, American Tourister suitcases are better than Samsonite if we speak in general terms, because they are cheaper and we love their designs ?

But anyway, our choice in the Samsonite and American Tourister suitcase comparison, it could also vary depending on the exact model in question.

And for you? Are American Tourister Cases or Samsonite Cases Better?

Do not hesitate to leave us your comment, question or suggestion belo.

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