What is the luggage that can be carried on Aeroméxico?

In the event that you carry a personal item and it does not meet the size or quantity requirements, then it will automatically be considered as checked baggage. In other words, to travel with it you will have to pay the additional cost, depending on the rate in force at any given time.

Checked baggage allowed in Aeroméxico


If you want to carry more baggage, then you should opt for checked baggage. To be able to take it with you, that luggage must meet a series of requirements.

  • Documented baggage tourist class: the measures of the suitcases in the airline Aeroméxico cannot exceed the weight of 25 kg per suitcase, as long as the destination is national. On international flights the maxAre you going to fly with the Aeroméxico airline? Before you get down to work, you should review your luggage in Aeromexico to be sure that you meet all the requirements and you are not going to get any unpleasant surprises.

You should know that the Aeroméxico airline was founded in 1934 and is based in Mexico City. It currently has a large fleet of aircraft and is listed on the stock market, which shows that it is one of the most important options.

If you need to know the baggage allowance in Aeroméxico and what are its measurements we show them below!

Carry-on baggage allowed in Aeroméxico

So that you can carry the hand luggage that is really allowed with Aeroméxico, we are going to show you what the limitations are.

With the plane ticket you can take a carry-on baggage and a personal item. They must meet the following requirements.

  • Hand luggage: they can be cabin suitcases with or without wheels and also travel backpacks. Its dimensions may not exceed 55x40x25 cm.
  • Personal item: you can take a briefcase, bag, computer, umbrella or fanny pack among others. They should always be carried under the cabin seats.

In the event that the carry-on baggage does not enter the cabin for different security reasons, the Aeroméxico company undertakes to carry the checked baggage (checked) in the hold at no additional cost.

  • imum weight is restricted to 23 kg. The maximum surface of the suitcase may not exceed 158cm.
  • Luggage in Premier Cabin: in the case of traveling in this class, you can carry up to two suitcases for each passenger. The superior class of ticket allows us to carry pieces of up to 32 kg, while the dimensions may not exceed 158cm.
  • Special baggage: sporting goods, ashes, musical instruments… are recognized as special baggage. They must be documented at the counter and pay the corresponding costs in order to travel with them.

How to carry more luggage on Aeroméxico?

It is important to show that the Aeroméxico cards offer benefits when traveling with baggage on the airline. That means that if you take out the company card, you can carry more luggage without having to pay anything more. To give you an idea, we are going to show you information taking into account domestic flights.

  • Titanium Card: with this card you will get an extra piece of the same weight and measure according to the ticket you have bought. Remember, with the Premier class ticket you can carry two pieces of a maximum of 32 kg, while with the tourist ticket you can carry one piece of a maximum of 25 kg. Depending on the ticket obtained, the extra piece may be one or the other.
  • platinum card: as is the case with the Titanium version, you can travel with an extra piece of the same weight and size according to the cabin purchased.
  • gold card: this card will allow you to carry an extra piece of the same weight and size according to the cabin purchased. Of course, you should know that for class V the benefit will not apply to you.

With these data you must assess whether you are really interested in obtaining the card or not. You will have to do numbers because if you are going to carry more suitcases and you are going to travel more than once with the airline, it will be profitable for you.

Carrying special baggage on Aeroméxico

If you need to carry special baggage on your trips with Aeroméxico, you should know that you can take your things, as long as you pay the current rate at all times. So that you can see if you are interested in taking things or not, we will show you the prices.

  • Sports articles: This section includes bicycles, windsurfing equipment, surfboards, diving equipment, hunting equipment, fishing equipment, golf bags, ski equipment, polo, hockey, water skis, hang gliding equipment, boogie boards, bowling equipment, kneeBoard, parachute, wakeboarding, fencing sword and equestrian equipment. On domestic flights the cost will be 1,350 MXN, while on international flights it will be 2,700 MXN. Without forgetting that in high season the price could be higher.
  • Musical instruments: you can take the instruments as special luggage. The cost for trips through Mexico will be 1,350 MXN, while for international flights the cost will be 2,700 MXN. In high season the cost will rise to 1,485 MXN for domestic flights and 2,970 MXN for international flights. In all cases taxes are included. Do not forget that you can carry a musical instrument as hand luggage per passenger as long as it does not exceed the linear surface of 1.15m.
  • electronic cigarettes: You must be clear that the use of cigars, pipes or electronic cigarettes are prohibited on Aeroméxico company flights. If you want to take them with you, you will be able to take them, as long as you carry them in a designated briefcase. It will be hand luggage. Remember, you will not be able to recharge or use them during the flight.
  • ashes: if you want to fly with the ashes of a loved one, you can do so as long as they present the documentation and comply with the security filters.

Now that you know what the baggage allowance on Aeromexico, surely it is much easier for you to prepare your bags to avoid having to pay more for carrying the things that interest you. Remember, as far as possible, avoid going over the limits or the trip could be more expensive than you thought.

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