Visit of the Parc du Petit Prince

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During our Jura-Vosges road trip last summer, we took a little detour in Alsace to discover the Little Prince park with family.

Indeed, a few years ago, we were unable to discover this amusement park during our family visit to Colmar. On the day of return, we had just stopped at theAlsace Ecomuseum that we loved.

The Little Prince park with the family: for what age?

We visited the park with our 8 year old and our 15 year old

Our family isn’t a fan of over-the-top attractions, everyone is freaking out! So, there we were pleasantly surprised! We tried all the attractions and survived! The park is particularly suitable for 6 – 12 years old. Teens and thrill seekers may get bored there. Mini Voyageur who is quite small 130cm just got on all the attractions.

The attractions of Le Petit Prince amusement park

As said above, no over-the-top thrills here and our family loves it! The most impressive attractions are accessible from 120 cm; it’s perfect for the family to share those good times. We particularly liked:

  • The aerobar
  • The snake that the children tested 5 or 6 times)
  • Underwater planet (giant video game)
  • The king’s balloon was closed for fear of the wind
  • Thunder stone

Many other quieter and more youthful attractions are accessible in the park; the children particularly liked the Zipline, the nature labyrinth where questions are asked about the universe of the Little Prince, South Mail, an interactive game …

Indoor play areas were closed due to the COVID19 health crisis!

The fact that the park is built in a circle around a body of water is very handy for running from attraction to attraction!

Shows and films

The park also offers shows with animals, flying pigeon, small farm, with foxes! As we are not a fan of this type of show as the children are grown up and know all these animals, we did not participate.

On the other hand, we made some pretty animal discoveries (Miss Voyageuse’s passion that summer): stork, nutria, albino peacock, huge fish …

We did however see the film in 3D on the Little Prince, but it did not thrill the kids too big I guess for this story. On the other hand, everyone has reviewed this knowledge about St Exupéry in the permanent exhibition!

  • Address: Parc du Petit Prince – 68190 Ungersheim
  • Children’s equipment: easy stroller – changing table in the sanitary facilities – normally, a stroller rental service exists
  • Price: € 20 / Adult – € 16 / for children up to 12 years old
  • To buy your skip-the-line tickets

Our opinion on the Parc du Petit Prince

A very nice park, where the atmosphere matters more than anything ! What a pleasure to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Little Prince, to discover his meetings and his friends …

The fact that our 2 children had already read The Little Prince’s book was a plus for finding in their memory what each wink corresponded to! Good motivation to read the book before going to the amusement park.

We were delighted, because, Covid19 period requires, there were very few people, and we did the attractions several times in the long half-day pass there (because there is no queue)! I don’t know if this is still the case.

To ensure that everyone has an even more enjoyable day, I advise you to combine the Musée du Petit Prince with theAlsace Ecomuseum (linked ticket here)

So want to discover the park of the Little Prince with the family?

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