Elu 3e président des Etats-Unis, Jefferson fait construire des édifices publics sur le modèle du temple d

Vienna: the Temple of Augustus and Livia, a source of inspiration for the American capitol buildings


Future President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson visited France in 1784.
Its path passes through Vienne, a city of history, on the left bank of the Rhône. He is particularly interested in the amphitheater, the Gallo-Roman pyramid and the temple of Augustus and Livia.

Legend has it that he fell in awe of the building.
He is simply ecstatic in front of one of the ten most beautiful Roman sites in France!
This temple suddenly rises at the bend of alleys in a square in the historic center of Vienna, the former western part of the Roman forum.
Built in the 1st century, this Corinthian monument has a peristyle on three of its sides. Six fluted columns bear, on the facade, an entablature topped with a triangular pediment.

Construction makes school

Elected 3rd President of the United States, Jefferson had public buildings built on the model of the temple of Augustus and Livia and his twin, the Maison Carrée in Nîmes.

Co-production has made a splash. Thus in most American states, today we find a capitol, seat of the legislature, whose facade strangely resembles the temple of Augustus and Livia!
In Vienna today, a small plaque near the temple recalls that a US President passed by in 1784 and remembers his visit!