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Vatican city most beautiful views

Italy is famous not only for its fashion, culinary traditions and glorious history. The reason to emphasize the uniqueness of this country is the fact that on the territory of its capital – Rome – an independent state has settled, which has become more than a billion Catholics a symbol of the Christian faith. It is called the Vatican, and its population is only eight hundred people, and the area is 0.44 square km. So, the answer to most popular question – “Is Vatican...Read More »

Warsaw sightseeings

Warsaw is a wonderful city for a cultural, measured and relaxing holiday. There is something to see at any time of the year. The main attraction of the Polish capital is located on the Castle Square – the Royal Palace with fascinating museum expositions that will plunge you into the life of the Polish nobility. The heart of the city, Stare Miasto – a great place for hiking. Upon reaching its end, you will see the picturesque avenue Krakowskie Przedmieście, which houses the Chapsky...Read More »

What to see in Prague

If you suddenly decide to arrange a weekend trip to Prague and go there on your own, then we will help you and give you a guide to the sights of Prague, which are worth a visit. Of course, we think that Prague should be visited more than once and certainly not for one day, but if you have a visa and a free weekend, our post will tell you where to go in Prague. Go! ...Read More »

Imbabura – Bolivian volcano land

Imbabura is a permanent tourist destination. This province contains a large diversity of landscapes and cultures. Andean landscapes dominated by Tita Imbabura and Mama Cotacachi and twenty lakes in whose environments cities and indigenous communities that still preserve their rites and traditions are based. Historically its inhabitants were Imbayas, Cayambis, then dominated by the Caras, the convergence of these, allow the birth of Caranqui who would resist the invasion Inca adeñante,...Read More »

Samborondon – modest charm of Ecuador

Samborondón know is to know about the history of a people of working men and women, friendly and willing to overcome: a thriving canton, thanks to the tireless work of their children, is now one of the main districts of the Province of Guayas. Samborondón tradition, heroism and history, as it was considered a strategic place not only in the independence of Guayaquil but throughout the Republic of Ecuador. The Teatro Sanchez Aguilar, pertaining to the foundation of the same name, opened on...Read More »

Ecuador Playas – best beaches in the country

Playa Los Frailes (Manabi) – one of the most idyllic beaches of Ecuador, hidden in the Machalilla National Park landscape with calm waters and white sands, surrounded by extraordinary natural landscapes, where forests, cliffs and other rock formations intermingle. Another attraction are its hidden paths of access, shorter one with a walk that requires no more than 30 minutes, and a second longer than about 2 hours. The latter is the most famous, through a dry tropical forest, with trees...Read More »

Mysterious Samaipata, Bolivia

Samaipata has developed into one of the top gringo-trail spots in eastern Bolivia over the last few years. This sleepy village in the foothills of the Cordillera Oriental is brimming with foreign-run hostels and restaurants. Visitors flock to see the pre-Inca site of El Fuerte, some in search of a dose of the ancient site’s supposed mystical energy, while increasingly it is the main jumping-off point for forays to Parque Nacional Amboró. But it’s not just foreigners who come up here;...Read More »

Paramaribo – Suriname’s capital and “wooden city”

Paramaribo is a former Dutch colonial town dating from the 17th and 18th centuries planted on the Northeastern coast of tropical South America. Composed of mainly wooden buildings, the plain and symmetrical architectural style illustrating the gradual fusion of Dutch and other European architectural and later North American influences as well as elements from Creole culture, reflects the multi-cultural society of Suriname. The historic inner city is located along the left bank of the Suriname...Read More »

Nieuw Amsterdam – Fort in Suriname

Fort Nieuw Amsterdam was built between 1734 and 1747, after the French under Cassard not Fort Zeelandia and the city of Paramaribo in 1712 attacked, but the undefended plantations. The Chartered Society of Suriname thought to protect the plantations and the city by building a fort on the strategic point where the Suriname and Commewijne rivers flow together, near the ocean. The main plantations of the colony were situated at upstream of this point these two rivers. Early 2008, a foundation was...Read More »

Isla Cozumel – travel to tranquil peace of Caribbean

Mexico’s largest Caribbean island is located off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula on the eastern side of Mexico, 41 miles (71 km) south of Cancun. The island is 26 miles (41 km) long from north to south and 9 miles (14 km) wide. With a population of a little over 75,000, Cozumel now welcomes more than 2,500,000 visitors every year and is considered one of the most important diving and snorkeling destinations in Mexico. Most tourists come to see the reefs on the calm west side, however there...Read More »
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