ZAD : stuck in multiple proceedings, Center Parcs gives up his project at Roybon

ZAD : stuck in multiple proceedings, Center Parcs gives up his project at Roybon

International tourism

The project of a Center Parks in Roybon (Isère), now abandoned, and an amount of 390 million euros, provided for the
construction in the forest of Chambaran of a thousand cottages, shops
and restaurants around a pool area, in the form of a
transparent bubble maintained at 29 degrees with swimming pools, water slides and

“For more than ten years, of court proceedings
challenging the administrative authorisations have been an obstacle to the
realization of the project. The authorization of land clearing, which is essential to
its realization, having become null and void, and access to the site being blocked
by zadistes
illegally occupying the land since 2014, Center
Parks has decided to withdraw from this project,” according to a press release from the

Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs, who insists on his
“commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism”, provides
before the fact that the project area “has received a constant support of
all the local communities
for its environmental qualities,
its benefits in terms of jobs and income, and its ability to
revitalize and rebalance the territory”.

“This is not gaiety of heart”

“This is not
heavy heart” that the band throws in the towel, commented Gérard Brémond, founder and president of Pierre et Vacances, which has
day 25 Center Parks in Europe, consisting of cottages immersed in
forest areas.

“But we were in a stalemate, it was
become caught between the occupation of the site, the changes of
, permissions for the building permit, for
the clearing, the water law, the preservation of the species, and the
slowness of justice in the different stages, the court of appeal, the
administrative court, the council of State. All of this is putting many,
it was endless”, he summarized.

The appeal filed by the
opponents of the project, mainly associations for the defense of
nature and protection of the aquatic environment, have continued since
2010, in an alternation of setbacks and victories for Center Parcs.

Since 2014, the field has also become a “zone to defend” (ZAD) occupied by militants.