Your wish can turn into Prague | #TravelingInNews

Your wish can turn into Prague | #TravelingInNews

International tourism

Many residents of cities that are victims of ‘overtourism’ are celebrating the sudden absence of hordes of tourists because of the pandemic. Finally, the city is only for those who live in it!

The bill, however, will eventually arrive.

The blog @insiderpraga informs that the annual transport pass for residents of Prague will go from the equivalent of 140 euros to 210 euros. A 50% increase in public service in a country where inflation is minimal.

What is the reason? The lack of tourists, who fail to buy their daily and weekly transport passes (much more expensive!) Will cause a leak in the accounts of the urban transport concessionaire.

A year from now we will know which cities will want the crowds back as soon as possible …

Posted on 7/19/2020

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