Wizz Air threatens its staff: vaccine or dismissal

Wizz Air threatens its staff: vaccine or dismissal

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From December, all Wizz Air crews must be vaccinated. If they refuse, they face dismissal (remember that Delta, in the United States, announces that it will reduce their monthly salary by $ 200).

The airline, which flies to several Spanish airports although it has no bases here, claims to have taken this decision for safety. It is the first European to take such measures, which are already common in other continents. United, which did the same in the United States, faces a very angry union reaction (airlines see light at the end of the tunnel thanks to vaccines).

In Wizz’s case, management said that in certain “special cases,” antigen or PCR testing would be allowed to fulfill this function. The airline’s executive director, Jozsef Varadi, said in a statement that ” our number one priority is the health and safety of our passengers and employees. We have a responsibility to protect the crew and passengers on board by mitigating the risks of Covid, and vaccines play a vital role in this.”

By contrast, British Airways has taken the position that getting vaccinated is a personal choice of its staff, while Easyjet encourages its crews to get vaccinated, but does not order them to do so. The British authorities, where Wizz Air has several bases, have said that only nursing home staff are required to be vaccinated. These must be vaccinated, unless medically exempt, as of November 11.