Skier encore plus... à partir du 14 décembre prochain, la compagnie des chemins de fer autrichienne, reliera plusieurs fois par semaine la France à l’Autriche /crédit ONAT

Winter season: Austria in the countryside all schuss!


We do not joke with the winter season in Austria. We know the weight of this period for the Austrian tourism economy. In 2019, 575,000 French people visited the country, of which nearly 40% (around 200,000) during the autumn-winter period.

This is why, in the aftermath of the pandemic, it was important for the new president of the ONT of Austria to mark the occasion and focus on the recovery and the health measures that accompany it. To shorten it, you must either be tested, vaccinated, or cured. (see below), The largest promotional campaign ever undertaken by the country just started. It will have a budget of 10 million euros.

Another event and not the least, from December 14th, the Austrian railway company, will connect France to Austria several times a week with prices (from 39 to 89 euros) that make this destination accessible to new clienteles (particularly family groups) and in terms that make it a new product in its own right.

Austria: renewed hotel base and sustainable tourism

NightJet, the night train allows you to dream at low prices on the more than 1400 kms that connect the two capitals. “It will open extraordinary windows on the destination …” welcomes J.-P. Héron. This practical and accessible travel alternative will add to the charm of night trips and the economy of a hotel night. without compromising on value for money. Ticket sales for the new night train which began at the end of September

for traffic from December 14, 2021, are encouraging. The renewal of the hotel stock, “facilitated” by the Covid-19 crisis and sustainable tourism are also the two major trends of the course shown by the authorities in terms of tourism strategy.

Nightjet Paris-Vienne: 3 round trips each week

The Nightjet Paris-Vienna offer connects the two European capitals in one night, from city center to city center, and will serve the cities of Paris, Strasbourg, Karlsruhe, Munich, Rosenheim, Freilassing (in the direction Vienna-Paris ), Salzburg, Linz, St. Pölten and Vienna. 3 round trips are available each week: Nightjet 469 Paris-Vienne: departure at 7:58 p.m. from Paris on Tuesday / Friday / Sunday – arrival the next day at 10 a.m. in Vienna. Nightjet 468 Vienna-Paris: departures at 7.40 p.m. from Vienna on Monday / Thursday / Saturday, arrival the next day at 9.40 a.m. in Paris.


Austria relies on the 3 G rules. Testing, vaccination or recovery are the entry tickets for your holiday activities. It also accepts the digital Covid certificate (health pass) as proof. If you already have this pass in digital or paper form, no further documentation is required. The country has adopted a three-tier system. Currently, level 1 measures apply.
Cable cars

Mandatory wearing of an FFP2 mask From the start of the winter season: 3G rule (tested, vaccinated or cured) No capacity restriction
Advent markets

Level 1 (current): access with 3-G proof Level 2: antigenic self-tests are no longer authorized Level 3: only PCR tests are valid Après-ski Level 1 (current): access only with vaccination, cure or PCR test Levels 2 and 3: access only with vaccination or recovery (“2-G”). Ski resort in Obertauern Ski resort in Obertauern
The three-step model for fall and winter

Stage 1 (currently in effect)

3-G proof in catering and accommodation (here is all the detailed information on measures in the hotel and catering sector), in cable cars (only at the start of the winter season), in the markets Advent and for gatherings of 25 or more people. FFP2 mask in stores for daily needs, public transport, cable cars, etc. In the rest of the retail trade and in museums, the FFP2 obligation does not apply to vaccinated and recovered people. Après-ski: Similar to night catering, access only with vaccination, convalescence or PCR test. Antigen testing is not permitted.
2nd step

(7 days after exceeding 300 beds occupied in intensive care units) 2-G rule (“vaccinated or cured”) in night catering, après-ski and non-seated events with more than 500 people . Antigenic self-tests are no longer valid (applies to all areas, including catering, advent markets, etc.)
Step 3(7 days after having exceeded 400 beds occupied in intensive care units) According to the 3G rule: vaccinated, recovered or tested by PCR. Antigen testing is no longer allowed. For après-ski: 2-G rule, the test is not enough to be admittedb3G rule[A FAQ is available here