Wink of the UN tourism: “Can serve to overcome the pandemic”

Wink of the UN tourism: “Can serve to overcome the pandemic”

International tourism

The United Nations secretary-general, António Guterres, sent a message to the world in which stresses the exceptional role of tourism in the progress of the Agenda to 2030 for the Sustainable Development and the protection of the most vulnerable members of our societies.

“The livelihood of many people depends on him, especially the women, and in particular in the most vulnerable countries in the world. In addition, in many places of the world, biodiversity protection largely depends on the tourism industry, both for their conservation as the revenue generated from these efforts”, it underlines.

It also emphasizes that “tourism can serve as a strut to overcome the pandemic” Covid-19. “When you bring people together, can promote solidarity and trust, key ingredients to foster the global cooperation we so urgently need now”, he argues.

As a final point, it encourages “all those who in some way are involved in the tourism sector to explore how we can recover better, through the climate action and other measures to promote the sustainability and resilience”. “In our journey towards a better future, we must stick to our commitment not to leave anyone behind,” he concludes.