Will you have New Year's Eve? | #Think Travel

Will you have New Year’s Eve? | #Think Travel

International tourism

Every country has a date when everyone – that is, everyone who can – travels.

In Japan it’s Golden Week. In China, the Chinese New Year. In the United States, Thanksgiving Day. In Italy, Ferragosto.

In Brazil, we have two dates on which we all try to travel: New Year’s Eve and Carnival.

We already know that the pandemic may end up postponing the 2021 Carnival. The mayor of Salvador has already launched the idea. Some samba schools in Rio find it inevitable. But postponing does not mean canceling, do you agree?

New Year’s Eve, however, cannot be rescheduled on another date. When the TV says “it is already 2021 in Australia”, it is a sign that in 12 hours it will be 2021 in Fernando de Noronha.

But will there be New Year’s Eve in Noronha? Or in Copacabana? The New Year’s Eve on Avenida Paulista has already been canceled by the city of São Paulo.

I don’t think we will stop traveling and celebrate New Year’s Eve. But it is likely that we will have to work with plan A and plan B: New Year’s Eve with agglomeration and without agglomeration.

(Anyone who takes faith in Plan B will be less likely to be disappointed.)

Posted on 7/22/2020

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