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Why use anti-theft travel backpacks and how to choose one?


Who said that suitcases are safer to travel than backpacks? Once you dare to move with travel anti-theft backpacks, you’ll never use a standard backpack again.

The anti-theft backpacks They include very useful features and accessories to prevent damage or theft, both of it and of everything you carry inside.

In this regard, anti-theft travel backpacks are an indispensable companion in your passage through airports, train stations, metro, bus … As well as in any activity you do on a daily basis.

Would you like to know what they are like and how to choose the best one for you? Well, let’s see what its peculiarities are.

What to consider when buying an anti-theft travel backpack?

These types of backpacks are suitable for any traveler profile, both younger travelers and business travelers, urban travelers … But also for any daily use.

These are backpacks with a neat exterior appearance, more modern and minimalist than other normal backpacks. But the real difference and advantage is that they have super useful technological accessories for traveling (more and more backpacks include them) and with materials that make it difficult for third parties to break and open them.

In short, they are security-based backpacks and they are also technological backpacks.

This makes them stop being simple backpacks to transport things and become a great travel accessory where you can store your belongings, your tablet, your laptop, your mobile phone, documents in a very safe and orderly way.

Y, What characteristics should a good anti-theft backpack have?

First of all and priority is that if you plan to travel by plane with an anti-theft backpack, it should not exceed the measures allowed by the airlines for hand luggage. They are usually 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm, but you can check yours in this list of hand luggage measurements for each airline.

And second, some backpacks will have more or less accessories, but usually they usually have:

  • Rear opening: usually, the main compartment or at least one of the main ones, opens from the area that sticks to the back instead of opening from the outside of the backpack. In the same way, the zippers are covered by a seam that makes it difficult to access and hides it. In other words, the thief will have a difficult time finding where the zipper is to open the anti-theft backpack, as well as being able to open it while you carry it hanging on your back.

  • Visible zip lock system: either Smart Zipper (hooks that are attached to the ends of the backpack) or standard padlock with security key.
  • Anti-tear materials: they must have reinforced linings, so that it is impossible for a sharp object, such as a knife, to tear the material of the backpack.
  • Impermeability: Likewise, the waterproof anti-theft backpacks they are the most common. That is, its main material repels water and does not allow it to settle. Not only because of the rain, sometimes a simple glass of spilled water can spoil everything in you!
  • USB charger: having your electronic devices charged with battery is essential at any time, so imagine yourself during a trip! Therefore, most of the anti theft travel backpacks They have an integrated USB port (only port and no battery), along with a charging cable, so that you can move freely while using and charging your smartphone or tablet.

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  • Internal Battery: Many USB anti-theft backpacks also feature the charging battery and its corresponding compartment. The price of the backpack tends to go up a bit more, but the complete kit is probably worth having. However, if you do not have the built-in battery, you can always use another one.
  • Solar panel: finally, an extra addition that is not so common but that you can also find in some original anti-theft backpacks, is a solar panel located on the front and that is recharged with sunlight. With this energy you can recharge later your electronic devices. Therefore, they are considered sustainable and ecological backpacks.

Other characteristics of travel backpacks

On the other hand, other general characteristics that you should look at when buying any travel backpack, whether it is anti-theft or not, are:

  • Measurements and capacity; If you need a backpack to travel by plane, it is convenient that it does not exceed 44L or 50L, which is the capacity that airlines usually allow in the cabin.
  • The number of pockets or compartments. For traveling, the side pockets are very useful, where you can put things at hand, such as a bottle of water.
  • Padded and adjustable handles for greater comfort.
  • That they are light in weight. Ideally, they should weigh around 1KG or less.
  • That the materials are breathable.
  • Ergonomic back design to aid weight distribution and relieve fatigue.
  • The ability to carry your laptop or tablet (11 ″, 13 ″, 15 ″, 17 ″…).
  • The opening angle. They are ideal for traveling the backpacks that can be opened up to 180º to put in and take out your belongings easily.
  • Reflective details, so that they are visible at night, in dark places or when hiking or any other activity.
  • Some backpacks include the advantage of being expandable, so that you can use them closed for daily or open with more capacity when traveling.
  • It is also appreciated that a anti-theft backpack for travel include back strap to attach to the suitcase handle, interior belts to transport clothes (such as suitcases) or compartments for shoes. You will appreciate these features when you travel!

In addition to all these gadgets, we know that there are also backpacks with built-in speakers, with an LED flashlight or with their own WIFI station. Do you know any other accessories for smart and technological backpacks?

As always, we advise you to take extreme precautions when traveling and always have your belongings close at hand and under surveillance. However, if you decide travel with anti-theft backpack You will notice the difference!

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