Where to go in the Amazon: Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Guyana?

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Go on Amazonia with family to live an extraordinary experience, this is the essential activity of any stay in South America. But where to go in the Amazon, in which country: Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia or Guyana? Here are the discoveries of families traveling in 5 different places in the Amazon!

The Amazon is this immense jungle that alone covers more than 1/3 of South America! A very mysterious place for us, with giant trees, torrential rains, insects and incredible animals. But let me reassure you, each family has only seen a tiny aspect of this jungle that no one really knows! Tribes still live there far from any contact and our guide told us that some were really not welcoming!

So here’s a journey through

  • The Amazon in Guyana
  • The Amazon from Peru
  • The Amazon from Ecuador
  • Amazonia from Colombia

Be aware, however, that the tours are roughly the same price in all countries (100 € / person on average)

Where to go in the Amazon with the family: Guyana

By Julie from the blog la Parenthèse

We are a family of 5: Toto 50 years old, Julie 40 years old, Tao 15 years old, Teva 13 years old and Maleï 8 years old. As said above, we lived for 4 years in Guyana where Tao was born. Then we went to Tahiti for 2 years, where Teva was born, before settling down in Marseille, where the youngest came to complete the family. So we have always traveled with our children, ever since they were babies. 2 to 3 months a year we go on a mop to discover other countries, in backpacks or in a motorhome when possible. In 2015 we went around the world, an unforgettable experience that left its mark on the whole family! You can follow our adventures on our blog: laparentheseblog.com

Where did you discover the Amazon as a family

We discovered the Amazon when we lived in Guyana. In this French department, as big as Portugal, the forest covers 96% of the territory. In other words, outside the coast, it is almost everywhere! We have it lived for 4 years, from 2003 to 2007, and our first child was born there. We went back on vacation with our two children in 2010 when they were 5 and 2 years old.

Why did you choose Guyana to discover the Amazon? How to get there ?

Guyana is Nature in its raw state.
When arriving at Cayenne airport from Paris, the
view of the Amazon is breathtaking and the change of scenery
Appointment. This ocean of greenery seems both disturbing and
impenetrable. Yet there are many ways to find out
and appreciate all its beauty.

How long did you spend in the Amazon?
Where were you sleeping? What were you eating?

During our stay in Guyana we were
several times in the Amazon rainforest, during holidays or
weekend. With friends we rented an aluminum hull in Kourou or in
Cayenne. Direction a “degrad”: access to the river where we
could leave the cars.

After a short navigation, we arrived in our rental hut, there are more or less distant. This is’an open house, without walls, in which you can hang hammocks for sleep and be sheltered from the rain. Usually they have a basic kitchen. So we took everything we needed to be able to prepare our meals, keep food in coolers, as well as drinking water. Far from it all, it is important to be independent in your provisions!

What activities have you practiced? Which
animals have you seen?

All activities revolve around the forest
and the river: boat trips, water skiing, swimming, fishing,
walks in the jungle …

Contrary to what one might think,
you don’t see that many animals in the Amazon: they often have
afraid of man and flee from him. The worst are mosquitoes,
voracious, which must be protected to avoid catching the
Dengue or Malaria. Otherwise we saw monkeys, spiders,
snakes, fish, butterflies and multicolored birds …

With which organization (agency) did you go
for what price approximately?

We never left with an agency
since we already had contacts there to rent. For
of travelers arriving from metropolitan France, this is of course more
simple. The prices are usually quite high, but it’s worth it
suddenly, the experience is unforgettable! To discover
the Amazon, the Guyane Évasion agency has a very good reputation
for day trips or for longer stays. For
sleep in the forest, Camp Canopée, on the Kourou River, is a

What advice would you give to families
wanting to go to the Amazon with children? (equipment, date,

If you know someone there, The ideal is to discover the Amazon on your own. You will need to be equipped for this: several shops in Cayenne or Kourou offer hammocks and hammock nets at very affordable prices. If you are traveling with little ones, this equipment can be adapted in size, there are even baby hammocks, with a built-in harness! It is also possible to bring a classic children’s travel cot, to which you will need to add a mosquito net. For walks, bring high shoes to avoid ticks. Sunscreen, cap, hat and sunglasses are also essential.

To protect yourself from mosquitoes, provide a strong repellent and light, but long clothing. To wash up, head for the river! In order not to pollute, it is therefore important to have ecological soaps or shampoos. Also take a small first aid kit for possible injuries: in the jungle, it’s adventure!

To discover the Amazon without sleeping there, there are many hiking possibilities such as the Rorota trail in Rémire-Montjoly ; around the village of Cacao or the Fourgassier waterfalls, in Roura. For a first Amazonian experience with children, it’s already great!

Regarding the weather: rain can be present anytime in the form of showers, but it is always hot and humid during the day. The nights can be cool in the forest, blankets or duvets are then welcome. You can visit Guyana all year round, but it is better to avoid the “great rainy season” between May and early August.

What experience has marked you the most?

Two experiences come to mind:

– the Amazon rainforest is quite “noisy”: everywhere around you one feels an incredible vital power! At night, it is not uncommon to hear howler monkeys, an inimitable and truly impressive noise! In contact with this virgin and unspoiled nature, one feels very small and one relentlessly realizes the need to protect these ecosystems which are today in danger, especially in neighboring Brazil.

– we were lucky to be able to go to the village of Camopi, on the Oyapoque river. A friend of mine was a pilot and took us for a day to this Native American village on the Brazilian border. On site, even if there is a town hall and a school, we are very far from France! The inhabitants live there in harmony with the Amazon rainforest and many have preserved their centuries-old traditions.

  • Good sanitary conditions 5/10 The key is to be careful and above all to protect yourself from mosquitoes, the most dangerous animal in the Amazon rainforest!
  • Ease of transport on site 7/10
  • Easy to find everything for baby (infant milk, diapers, small jars …) 10/10 in cities (as in mainland France), plan to stock up before going to the forest!
  • Child-friendly activities 8/10 With a little organization, discovering the Amazon with children is an extraordinary experience that they will remember all their lives!
  • Beauty of the landscape or visits 10/10
  • Affordable budget 5/10, it all depends on whether you go through an agency or not …

with family in Ecuador: reserve

Sophie from the blog:

have you discovered the Amazon with your family? And why have
chose that corner? How to get there ?

(Cuyabeno reserve) because it was the right time for our
travel route + excellent sanitary condition. We had asked the
cc to Lago Agrio and took the bus then Pirogue to reach

How long did you spend in the Amazon in Ecuador? Where were you sleeping? What were you eating?

4 days
in an ecolodge (the Guacamayo) varied food, room for 4
with mosquito nets. Very comfortable

that the 4th day is only return transport. In the
facts we do 2.5 days

activities have you practiced? What animals have you had?

Amazonian animals: Boa, spider, yellow hand monkey,
howler, woodpecker pig, toucan, capuchin monkey, monk monkey, pink dolphin,
birds, pirarucu fish, song wasp, sloth, caiman,
hoazins squirrel monkey

make your chocolate, canoe,
swimming, night walking, (we did not want to visit the
local communities because ethically it does not suit us)

which organization (agency) did you leave for which price approximately?

ecuador: 1000 euros for 4

advice would you give to families wanting to go to the Amazon?
with children? (equipment, date, etc.)

contact the lodges to have the desired dates

experience marked you the most?

Canoe and
swim in the Amazon + all animals

Can you
present your little family and your trip? (Age of
children, travel time, itinerary)

I have
met Sophie and her little family during our trip to
South America in 2018/2019. They were traveling in a camper van for a
also with their 13 and 9 year old children.

Amazonia with family in Ecuador: Laguna Limoncocha – My experience

Here is a little summary of our experience in the Amazon, which will be supplemented by a more detailed article for all the information!

have you discovered the Amazon with your family? And why have
chose that corner?

planes hesitated between Peru and Ecuador to discover
Amazonia with our children. But the bad weather had us
pushed to leave Peru a bit hastily and we had
first joined the Ecuadorian side, to “perk up”
before crossing the country again, towards the Amazon and the region of

We decided to go to the Laguna Yahuanga, in the Limoncocha nature reserve a place where we can reach by car (4 × 4 for us). Indeed, after dreaming of going one day by boat from Tena, deep in the Yasuni reserve, our morale did not follow! 4 days of continuous rain in Tena, at the gates of the Amazon, made us prefer a less wild outing, but one of which we were sure to have fond memories. This is the problem with long journeys, slackening times quickly change plans!

long have you spent in the Amazon?

We spent 3 days 2 nights, in accommodation run by the Kichwa community in Limoncocha. They maintain 4 dormitories and 1 private cabin. The comfort is succinct but pleasant! And above all, what we really appreciated: it was being all alone on the spot, the 4 of us, our guide and the few inhabitants of the village who took turns taking care of us! The opportunity to better discuss!

activities have you practiced? What animals have you had?

  • Outing in a canoe at nightfall to observe the fauna: with a crush and fear to observe the rather aggressive caimans!
  • Hike in the Amazon jungle: a short hike to learn more about the foods that the jungle can offer, the good and the bad, or the strange ones like the worms to taste
  • Piranha fishing: here too, it was the favorite activity of the children, and we could not realize to what extent we were “dummies” when the little 6 year old “Amazonian” who was with us was fishing 3 or 4 per minute!

which organization (agency) did you leave for which price approximately?

Tena, we booked with the agency and brought
the guide in our 4 × 4 to the village of Limoncocha. We
we might as well go there by ourselves and do all
the procedures directly in the village, but we would have found
a knowledgeable guide? it remains unanswered.

Rate :
550 € for 4 for 2 nights on site

advice would you give to families wanting to go to the Amazon?
with children? (equipment, date, etc …)

Vaccination: be up to date with your vaccinations depending on where you go

Mosquito: provide repellent even if we were not bothered at all during our 3 days there

my article here

The Amazon from Colombia with the family

We are a family of 5. A dad, a mom
and 3 children: 2 boys and a girl. When we left
our children were 7, 6 and 3 years old.

We traveled for 7 months around the world, in a backpack, through a few countries in Asia,
Australia, New Caledonia then
South America where we came up from Patagonia
to Brazil, and finally to Colombia.

Where did you find the Amazon in
family? And why did you choose this corner? How? ‘Or’ What
Getting There ?

We discovered the Amazon during our
“Around the world” with the family. Our trip touched on its
end and we dreamed of discovering this corner: children, for
its animals and us for the immensity of its forest and its river
mythical. We discovered the Amazon on the Colombia side. We
took the plane in Bogota to join Leticia: there is no
has no other alternative than the plane to reach the Amazon
from Bogota, because there is no road.

How long did you spend in the Amazon? Where were you sleeping? What were you eating?

We spent ten days in the Amazon: In Leticia, the large Colombian Amazonian city, the humid heat is overwhelming at first, but we get used to it quickly. This city has an incredible energy: it is alive, warm, vibrant! We slept in a small hotel in the city center in a room for the 5 of us. We had adopted our habits: our lunches “on the go” along the river and our dinners in a lively street of Leticia, in our local HQ: a restaurant where we tasted chicken and plantains! Then we went to spend 5 days in Puerto Narino, a small village 2 hours by canoe from Leticia. We slept in a small hotel, a room for the 5 of us. As for meals, we spent the stay tasting fish from the river accompanied by rice.

What activities have you practiced?
What animals have you had?

In Leticia, we took advantage of “living”
quite simply, by taking a walk, by going to the hairdresser, by
playing in the street….

In Puerto Narino, apart from strolling through
this village so warm and with such a soothing atmosphere, we have
discovered the river, the forest and its many animals: Eau en
quantity, mosquito repellent, Boots, long sleeves and pants are
of rigor! And of course, to venture into the forest, he
you need a guide so you don’t get lost! Don’t forget either
to watch where you put your hands and feet!

We had the great luck to be accompanied during these few days by a wonderful couple: Gaelle, a Frenchwoman living for several years in Puerto Narino and her husband, Obsimar, a native of the village, and therefore perfect connoisseur of the forest and of its secrets. With them, we went by canoe to visit a Peruvian village and saw sloths, macaws and even a snake! We went fishing for piranhas on the river (An IMPERISSABLE memory for our children), we went to meet the pink Amazonian dolphins (another very strong memory), and we obviously set out to explore the forest! We learned the secret of certain trees (to call for help, to dress, to make a backpack …), of certain fruits (natural makeup, a joy for children!) And we crossed paths with …. A scorpion, a poisonous frog, ants carrying their provisions, a tarantula, crier monkeys, ars,…. We were spoiled !!! The children were very impressed to see all these
“dangerous” animals around them.
We only missed the jaguar, which we can hear at night if we
go on a night hike and sleep on the spot in your
hammock and mosquito net. We would have loved to do that, but our
children were too small (minimum age: 10 years)

With which organization (agency) did you go
for what price approximately?

We left without an organism. We took our round trip by plane to Bogota with a Colombian company. When we got there, we managed to find accommodation in Leticia. For Puerto Narino, Gaelle had recommended different hotels to us, but we managed on our own. The only thing we did with an organization, that is to say with Gaelle and her husband, were the activities in Puerto Narino, because a guide is obligatory. Gaelle and her husband offer full packages (activities, accommodation, meals) but we didn’t have the budget and we like the freedom to organize ourselves. To contact this
golden couple, Facebook direction: Obsimar
Lopez and Ga Lou.

What advice would you give to families
wanting to go to the Amazon with children? (equipment, date,

Regarding the date, it is better to avoid the
rainy season, because when it rains, it rains very hard! We
is rinsed in 2 minutes and suddenly the forest is slippery and
muddy… not great!

All equipment can be found on site!
Leticia is full of small stores, so don’t worry! It is worth
better to buy your mosquito repellent on site, because you
will be advised on the GOOD repellent for mosquitoes and others
little local critters! I would just add the baby carrier
for young children, because in the forest everything is huge, so
for a little one (up to 3 years old well packed), walk on roots
or even walking in the tall grass can be a real
obstacle course !

The younger the children, the more difficult it is to do activities in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. The heat, humidity, and calm necessary to not scare away animals may not always be easy for young children. Ours were 7, 6 and 3 and it went really well (but our daughter was in a baby carrier and had been traveling for over 6 months). However, we were unable to go on a night hike or sleep in the “jungle” because our children were really too young. So if you go there for such an adventure, you might as well
wait until the children are of the required age.

What experience left its mark on you the most?

For our children, it’s the fishing party
piranhas as well as the encounter with the poisonous yellow frog
fluo. And for us, these are the different moments of the canoe on this
mythical river! Incredible emotions.

  • Good sanitary conditions 9/10
  • Ease of transport on site 9/10
  • Ease of finding everything for baby (infant milk, diapers, baby food …) 10/10 (A Leticia)
  • Child-friendly activities 6/10
  • Beauty of the landscape or visits 9/10
  • Affordable budget 7/10 (The activities inevitably have a blow, and in the Amazon we necessarily do

Discover the Amazon in Peru

We are the “8 feet on the ground”, Arnaud (41 years old), Véronique (40 years old), Sarah (9 years old) and Thomas (6 years old), a family in love with travel and the great outdoors. After putting our life in Ile de France on hiatus, we left in November 2019 for a 15-month trip to South America and Oceania, with our backpacks. With the Covid crisis, our itinerary will be greatly upset and we have also been forced to extend our trip! blog: https://8piedssurterre.wordpress.com/ facebook: https://www.facebook.com/8piedsurterre/

Where did you discover the Amazon as a family? And why did you choose this corner? How to get there ?

We discovered theAmazonia for the first time in Bolivia, in Rurrenbaque. 5 days between selva and pampa. We liked it so much that we renewed theexperience in Peru, in the park del Manu. The advantage of this park (beyond the fact that it was not confined in September 2020) is that it is accessible by bus from Cusco and the entrance via Atalaya is also much less touristy than from Puerto Madonaldo.

How long did you spend in the Amazon? Where were you sleeping? What were you eating?

The context of our stay at Parc del Manu was quite special since it was during the Covid crisis. We spent a whole month, which allowed us to experience more than just “taking a walk” a few days in the jungle. We have mostly slept in tents with locals with access to bathrooms and kitchen. We only ate local products (avocados, yuka tomatoes, bananas, fish and chicken…) in addition to the traditional pasta / rice, because anyway, we only find that!

activities have you practiced? What animals have you had?

The activity
major is the hike to go observe the animals:
monkeys, tapirs, toucans, macaws, tatoo, ants and other insects.
We have also been fortunate enough to camp on several occasions
in the jungle and sleep to the sound of animals.

other activities: fishing, swimming, sailing on the
bird watching, river, raft building, crafts,
participation in work in the fields (picking bananas,
avocados, yuka harvest …)

which organization (agency) did you leave for which price approximately?

are in gone solo during this month, and made a tower
of 4 days with the agency “Palotoa Amazon Travel
It takes about 100 euros / day / person all-in
(transport, accommodation, guide, cook…). This agency was us
recommended by a French woman living in Peru, and we do not have
not regretted!

advice would you give to families wanting to go to the Amazon?
with children? (equipment, date, etc.)

first, take mosquito repellent and sleeves
long, as well as flashlights ? For
satisfy children, we recommend to aim
areas where the chances of seeing animals are greatest.
Indeed, the jungle can quickly be reduced to trees, lianas,
ants … and beyond a few hours, it can get boring
for kids. We would rather recommend go
with children old enough to understand that it is essential to
make as little noise as possible
to enjoy the animals, otherwise you won’t see much!

experience marked you the most?

there were so many beautiful experiences … the discovery of animals
is probably the most striking for children, buty
spend more than 2-3 days to “live” the Amazon,
it is really something
. The living conditions are
so far from ours. Their vision of things, simple, nature and
away from materialism is also good.

Can you
present your little family and your trip? (Age of
children, travel time, itinerary)

  • Good sanitary conditions 5/10
  • Ease of transport on site 5/10
  • Easy to find everything for baby (infant milk, diapers, baby jars …) 2/10 (from what we have seen, there really isn’t much in the stores, you have to be prepared)
  • Child-friendly activities 7/10
  • Beauty of the landscape or tours 9/10
  • Affordable budget 7/10
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