The fear, the enemy of tourism

Where are the travelers?

International tourism

Easyjet is one of the airlines most serious of the market. Since then, you have a better image. Takes many years to taking care of the customer, offering a good service, at a price very tight. So on certain routes has always been the leader without discussion.

Easyjet, as a company, very responsible, has ceased to fly when he played, and has only tried to recover normal when the authorities, finally, have allowed to fly.

This is what is happening right now.

From the 10th of July, you can fly between Spain and Great Britain. Or more exactly, between Spain and England, because the scots kept the quarantine for travelers from our country.

Well: Easyjet, as the leading airline on routes between London and Alicante, between London and Malaga or between London and Mallorca, initially offered an offer of flights moderate: if you always fly in these dates five times a day, now gave two or three. What is the ultimate reality? There are No travelers and only market to fill a plane a day. Alicante, Malaga and Mallorca are only 20 percent of the passengers that they had a year ago.

The same thing happens with Easyjet to markets such as Italy or France. Flight London Amsterdam, a gold mine for Easyjet, which used to offer up to eight and nine daily services from Gatwick, now has only two flights.

Ryanair, in this sense, it is who is making more effort: you are trying with all means to revive the market. This means, with affordable prices. But it is not easy. Even very cheap, it cost to fill a plane. Some come to important occupations, but the algorithm of the companies does not disappoint: the prices go down because there is not enough demand. Ryanair, for example, operates one out of every three flights that operated before in Spain; its national destinations and to London, for example, is also in a flight of three. In general, in the whole of Europe, despite the knockdown prices, the demand has faded.

Beyond the issue of whether the traveller has or has not reason to prevent (I think yes, since then), here the matter is that it was not only about the authorities to re-enable flying, which within Europe is already normalized in the most relevant countries, but now you have to get the travelers to relax and get back to sightseeing. And that, by what we see, is only for the brave. And the brave are only 20 per cent of travellers. How brave or unconscious? This is the debate that is not going to clarify anything.