Where are ogoh ogohs burned ?: The great New Year’s Eve quiz


Ever heard of Ogoh-Ogohs? Or from Surwatschka? It all has something to do with the turn of the year. We have unpacked 11 questions here that are tough. Those who have traveled a lot will certainly find it easier. Just take part!

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New Years Eve Customs in the World

There are some quirky customs around the world to ring in the new year. We have already taken up some of these in the quiz, such as the Italian custom or whipping with branches.

But there is more: in Spain, people eat twelve grapes at midnight – one for each stroke of the bell. Many Mexicans put a suitcase in front of the door, which should bring many trips in the coming year. And the Greeks play cards, because whoever wins the traditional card game “31”, according to superstition, has financial luck in the New Year.