When are we going to travel again? Follow our posts on Insta, Face and Twitter

When are we going to travel again? Follow our posts on Insta, Face and Twitter

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When are we going to travel again? And post again?

Because of the covid-19 pandemic, Viaje na Viagem has not published any new posts here on the blog. But we are commenting on news and reflecting on the future of the trip in the Instagram, at the Facebook and in Twitter.

Why aren’t we posting news on the blog

It is a matter of editorial principles. Viaje na Viagem does not publish merely speculative news. We are not adept at hunting click-through posts. When you read some information here, it is confirmed and can affect (positively or negatively) your travel plans. No rush: between breaking news firsthand and breaking news carefully considered and analyzed, we will always prefer to miss the scoop but make you win the in-depth analysis.

Well then: since the pandemic was installed and traveling has left the agenda, there is still no news that could light the green light for us to schedule new trips.

Europe reopened – but not for Brazilians. South America and the United States remain closed. In Brazil, quarantine begins to be relaxed in major cities, but restaurants and tourist attractions remain closed or restricted. Some national destinations have started the resumption, but focused on visitors who live in the surroundings.

The truth is that it is not yet time to book trips. There are several reasons, but the main one is that not responsible for traveling yet.

Our posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

We know that many followers of Viaje na Viagem would like to know our opinion and see our guesses as to when we will be able to travel again, and how these trips will be.

So, since June 7, we have been posting daily (except Saturday) on our social networks: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

These posts include comments on the news (hashtag # ViajandoNasNotícias) and reflections on the future of travel in the short, medium and long term (hashtag #PensamentoViaja). From time to time the posts will be made in video format.

The posts are the same on the three networks – choose your favorite and follow us there.

And as soon as it is responsible to travel again and we have safe indications to give, we will resume the posts here on the blog.

In the meantime, travel on our content

It’s not because we can’t book trips that we can’t dream of traveling, is it? All the content of Viaje na Viagem is still available for you to plan the trip you are going to take in the future – whether near or far.

Nor do we stop working on updating existing content and creating new guides. Everything so that when you can travel again, you can continue traveling with us.

Will pass!

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