What will be the winning destinations for the British in 2022?


Thus, the report points to Turkey as the star destination for the British market, a preference that will be boosted by the value of the Turkish lira, which has fallen almost 80% against the pound since 2019. Likewise, the study points out that also Mexico is being very popular with British families, as collected by TravelWeekly.

Along with these two countries, in the top positions of the ranking of demand is another great competitor of Spain such as Egypt before the numerous celebrations that it prepares in 2022, such as the inauguration of the Great Egyptian Museum, the 200th anniversary of the decipherment of the Rosetta Stone and the centenary of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, among many others

Main obstacle to travel

At a time when all over Europe measures that were already taken for granted such as confinements, curfews, quarantines, PCR test before the trip, and now in Spain also mandatory outdoor mask, for the British traveler the main one obstacle to booking a vacation will continue to be another year changes in “unpredictable travel restrictions”, according to the report.

Travelers at a UK airport.

The research finds that 57% of the travelers consulted believe that the main problem when packing will not be the pandemic itself, but those last minute changes in travel regulations “and the inconvenience they entail”, which means that those who decide to go on vacation will depend on how governments act, especially in the United Kingdom, which this year has set tough travel restrictions. It should be remembered that until the summer the English travel regulations changed up to fifty times.

According to this study, 85% of people who have not got on a plane since 2019 intend to make an international trip next year, a figure that rises to 90% if you ask those who have traveled during the health crisis

Simpler rules

“As we approach the new year, the study shows how big the appetite for travel is and how many of us plan to escape in the next 12 months “, says a company spokesperson.

“After a year of even more confusing and complicated restrictions, it is no wonder that travelers are yearning for simple rules, which is reflected in our analysis on what will lead our wish lists for 2022 “, aim.