What to see in the Doubs with the family?

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The family holidays in the Doubs are to associate with holidays in the Jura or in the Vosges… For me, it’s almost the same region, but here’s a special article to tell you about our great discoveries from last summer.

As a reminder (or info for those who are just joining us!), We were traveling in 4 × 4 and roof tent, with our 2 children aged 8 and 15, traveling between Jura, Vosges and Moselle …

Here are our discoveries in this great region, much less frequented than the Jura and the Vosges, which we really appreciated (wild people that we are!). You’ll see, we only got a glimpse of most of the places, because we had meetings with friends in the area! But it will give you ideas to deepen the discoveries! Tell me everything in the comments!

The Entre Roche parade – perfect for dipping your feet in the the river Doubs

Leaving the north of the Jura, our itinerary allowed us to cross Pontarlier then follow the road along the Doubs to reach the Cirque de la Consolation.

This stretch of road is just sublime, as I like it: it runs alongside the Doubs, very calm at the end of August, the landscapes are really very nice, bucolic.

If you have more time than we do, it might be an opportunity to sit quietly by the water’s edge to soak your feet and enjoy the good weather.

Continuing on the D437, you can even see the Doubs jump that we missed!

Doubs with family EntreRoche parade

Cirque de la Consolation – Belvedere of the Rock of the Priest with family

Indeed, our program leading us to Circus of Consolation, we left the Doubs river in Morteau (advice to lovers of the famous sausages!) to reach the Roche du Prêtre belvedere.

This circus is damn impressive, a phenomenal height from the belvedere. Beautiful hikes are possible in the area to descend into the Cirque. They allow you to reach the Monastery of Our Lady of Consolation below. The monastery offers a tour of its gardens and other hikes go to Valley of Consolation, all in a superb thick forest!

Cirque de la Consolation seen from above Belvèdère de la Roche au Prêtre
Cirque de la Consolation seen from above
Monastery of Our Lady of Consolation

The Dessoubre Valley

Another very beautiful road, on the banks of the Dessoubre river. Perfect for nature lovers. The road runs alongside this river, all that I love! There too, many places to have a picnic with your feet in the water.

Be careful, however, at the end of August the river was dry in many places!

Peugeot Adventure Museum in Sochaux

For our little family, fallen into the pot of cars since we were little, a stop at the Peugeot museum was a must ! To see Taxi 4’s car and Grandpa’s Buddy’s rally cars!

This is a museum that deserves a little refreshment compared to other automotive museums that we have already visited in Turin or the Netherlands, but our family liked it anyway. But it is better to know your car or the Peugeot brand. I really enjoyed the part on “Peugeot household appliances” and very old cars (I am the least passionate of the family). Mini Voyageur loved the rally cars and the Subaru from the movie Taxi 4!

Cycling along the Doubs or the Rhine-Rhone canal – Doubs with the family

Coming down from the Moselle, we crossed the Doubs department again via other roads. We discovered the banks of the Doubs whose former towpaths are transforming on a cycle path, several sections of which are part of the EuroVelo6 cycle route.

For our part, not having a bike, we took the opportunity to discover the wildlife and the locks that line the route, talking with a lock keeper, curious about our 4X4!

Discovery of the Doubs locks
Doubs locks
Reflection on the Doubs

What we haven’t had time to see in the Doubs with our children

  • The Citadel of Besançon: this Vauban citadel is undoubtedly worth a detour if you want to see a site of this great military architect of Louis XIV. I admit that living in Briançon (also fortified town Vauban), we did not visit the town! But your children will undoubtedly enjoy the guided tours!
  • The Royal Saltworks of Arc and Senan: We had to choose between this saltworks and that of Salins-les-Bains – which saved us a little detour!
  • The many castles

Where to stay in the Doubs with the family? Your good addresses

As you know, traveling independently in a 4X4, we have not tested any accommodation in the area! But fortunately thanks to the Travel and Kids forum, you have shared your good addresses!

  • The Morin Farm in Fournet-Blancheroche recommended by Anne France, during her tour of the Jura on foot …
  • Our camping selection

In short, you will understand, if you like nature, slow travel to enjoy quiet and bucolic moments with the family, the Doubs is perfect for a family vacation.

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