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What winter and family activities to try with your children during a family stay in Quebec in winter? It is indeed a very different experience than a vacation in the summer. At this time, Canada and its French-speaking region experience very low temperatures down to -25°C, so you have to prepare and equip yourself accordingly. On the contrary, it is a journey to the pure Far North with activities close to nature, so you will remember for a long time. certain experiments will moreover be very close to those of the Lapland in winter

So here it is what to do in Quebec in winter: top activities with children

Become a sled dog musher

Top winter family activity in Quebec

A flagship activity of the region, the wide open spaces lending themselves well to the frantic race and the barking of the chines too happy to run! This activity is mainly done around Montreal. Often, providers offer day trips

Starting at what age: from 2 years old, for a 30 to 45min baptism (the child being seated with you on the front of the sled) – from 8 years old for outings of several hours or a day depending on the service providers.

>> See the sled dog activity

Camp in the snow

More eco-responsible than the previous activity, plan a camp in the snow is quite an adventure. To be tested with resourceful teenagers, I think! An activity to be reserved for older teenagers because it’s a bit of survival in these temperatures!

Angling on frozen lakes – ice fishing in Quebec

The essential place to practice this Eskimo fishing is of course the immense Lake St Jean, already very popular in summer. Here you will find small huts that grow on the ice to take shelter while waiting for his miraculous catch.

Tobogganing down town on Promenade Dufferin in Quebec City

It is a place that had questioned us a lot during our pedestrian discovery of Quebec: a long slope almost between rails. Then we realized that it should only be used in winter for competitive sledding!

A treat for children and a winter activity possible only here in Quebec!

Discover the frozen Montmorency Falls

It is a must visit in summer and winter alike! In summer, it’s the power of the water that impresses! In winter, it’s the thickness of the ice that hallucinates. And you will even see ice climbing enthusiasts having a great time!

See our discovery of montmorency falls with family

Winter activities québec family stroll parc chute monmorency

Ride a snowmobile

Family winter activity in Quebec

There too, an activity to practice in Quebec with the family. Unfortunately, children will often only be passengers, the snow scooter being a powerful machine. Here, less risk than in France, where the activity is practiced on small narrow paths. There, the large expanses of snow open your arms for beautiful, intoxicating sensations of speed.

Starting at what age : from 6/8 years old

>> See the snowmobile circuits

Visit the Ice Hotel

This hotel is only 30 minutes from Quebec, a good reason not to miss it! A unique and ephemeral concept, which changes every year, with a hotel, with bar and snack bar in more than forty rooms. Taking a room is not obligatory, guided tours are planned.

From what ageur this winter activity in Quebec: from a very young age

>> Entrance ticket from Quebec

Eat maple taffy

A pure Canadian or Quebec tradition: making lollipops with maple syrup but which crystallizes on ice. This is the activity that was much more popular with children during our trip to Canada (yet tested in the summer!). Since then, living in the mountains, we make maple syrup taffy every year during heavy snowfalls!

practice ice skating

An ideal activity for children, allowing them to discover their balance. Many frozen lakes are equipped for skating in the great outdoors. But be careful, make sure it is formally authorized: walking on an icy lake is very dangerous if the surface melts or breaks! In Ottawa, you can also skate in an icy maze. (see here) and in Montreal on the canals of Jarry Park for example!

Tips for a family winter vacation in Quebec

How to dress in winter in Quebec?

Do not skimp on the number of layers of clothing to face the winter conditions of Canada. (See our article how to dress baby in winter) The sensitive points are the feet and especially the hands: mittens are a must! As the head loses most of the body’s heat, a hat or toque in Quebecois is mandatory, with ears or not depending on your resistance. Know that Authentic Canada travel provider included a cold weather pack in its winter circuits

Where to stay in winter in Quebec with the family?

To make the most of winter activities in Quebec with a child, I advise you to discover an outfitter in the middle of nature for a few days! They are real centers of leisure and outdoor activities that will appeal to the whole family. In town, choose the city center so as not to walk too long in this freezing weather.


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Well, I hope this article will give you ideas for choosing your winter activities in Quebec family? Tell me what was your favorite?

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