What month will you go to the beach? | #ThinkingTravel

What month will you go to the beach? | #ThinkingTravel

International tourism

Caraíva, Bahia

What will be the first plane trip you will take after the pandemic has passed?

During these months of isolation, Brazilians from the Southeast, the South, the Midwest and the North have dreamed of the vast unpopulated spaces on the beaches of the Northeast.

Between the desire and the actual trip, of course, a number of things are missing. The beaches need to reopen, flights need to return, travelers need to lose the fear of facing a crowded plane (until now the formula for maintaining social distance on board has not been discovered).

The time to overcome these obstacles, however, can be the right account to enjoy the beaches of the Northeast at its best.

The summer started now in July in Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão, and extends up there on the map until January. In Fernando de Noronha the dry weather starts in August. In September, the sky is blue most of the time across the east coast, and the sea becomes more beautiful as the end of the year approaches.

In other words: if everything goes well (#oremos!), You will have a beach in perfect condition to enjoy when you are ready.

Posted on 9/7/2020

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