What can be done to improve the Spain brand?


In this regard, the director of HOSTELTUR advocated that the administration itself lead an initiative to improve the reputation of the country, of course, counting at all times with the knowledge of the private sector, “which knows how to manage brands.” “Uniting the private management to the public one would have to be the key”, exposed.

Carbajo, Bennasar and Molina during the day.

“Companies and entrepreneurs have great knowledge and have known how to export this brand recognition. In the end, what is most recognized in Spain is the tourist brand, it is the main brand in the country,” he recalled

Carbajo noted how the Spain brand has deteriorated both as an attraction of financial investment and at the tourist level and detailed that those countries that have experienced a better recovery from the health crisis have carried out a better concretion of the message and a more efficient use of best practices of marketing.

These countries, as he explained, have been characterized by passing the message a lot “to a relevant audience with more digitized media where you can measure the return on investment.”

In this sense, Google’s Head of Industry He gave a very graphic example of the problems that citizens themselves have encountered in accessing a direct source of information that could be obtained in a simple way: the Official State Gazette (BOE), which is not especially “user friendly

We have seen a lost citizenship. All the questions that he had not resolved in the BOE because it is very difficult to find the information, “he said.

“The marketing efforts that have been made for the Spain brand, both nationally and internationally, are very far from how the private sector does it,” said Carbajo, who agreed with Molina on the need for a public sector approach to private initiative in order to to improve these messages.

For his part, Bennasar was very critical of both the way the Executive has managed the pandemic as with the little consideration that he sometimes shows towards the tourism sector, throwing “unfortunate expressions”.

“The brand is damaged by the lack of leadership and responsibility and because from high levels of the Government of this country this sector is evaluated as of little value. If we already see ourselves that way, how will they see us from the outside,” he asked

At this point, he stressed that the country has a serious incidence of the disease “and yet here anyone can come and go, without much control.” “This as a brand, as a country that knows how to do things, I don’t know if we are giving that image,” he lamented.

In this regard, he synthesized the three factors through which reputational recovery passes: leadership, responsibility “and giving a comprehensive vision to the problem that is global, affects us all.”