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What beaches in Thailand to visit? The 10 you will never forget.


Despite the great diversity that Thailand has in terms of landscapes and culture, the most outstanding and striking thing is always its beaches. And we all have an idyllic image of the typical Thai beach with crystal clear waters, fine white sand and an environment of incomparable vegetation.

You want to know which are the best beaches in Thailand?

In this post we want to guide you in planning your vacations, so that you discover the most interesting and spectacular places in the country. You will not want to return from your trip!

What are the best beaches in Thailand?

Solitary beaches, crowded beaches with a lot of atmosphere, wide beaches, coves, ideal beaches for backpackers, beaches to enjoy with the family, archipelagos and coral reefs … 😍 In Thailand, the country with more than 2,500 km of coastline, you will find the best beaches they adapt to your preferences.

First of all, we recommend that you have at least a minimum of planning on your trip, so that you can make the most of it. In this sense, our friends from Asian Destinations they can give you a hand when organizing your trip to thailand, as well as discovering the wonders of Asia and Oceania.

Once you start to know the destination, you will realize the amount of jewels to discover in this country.

But between so many places and coast, how to know what beach to visit in Thailand?

Below we will help you in your decision, discovering the East coast and the West coast of Thailand, because choosing some beaches or others will also depend on the area of ​​the country you are going to visit, as well as the time in which you travel.

So you just have to take note of the following list 😉

Beaches of the East Coast of Thailand (Gulf of Thailand)

The islands of the Eastern zone belong to the Gulf of Thailand. These islands are Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao.

If you want to visit the beaches of eastern Thailand, the best time is between the months of January and August, as it is when the best weather is.

However, between September and December there is the rainiest season, and there may be problems of flooding, strong waves or even some power outages.

You want to see which are the best beaches in the Gulf of Thailand?

1.Koh Nang Yuan Beach, in Koh Tao

Koh Nang Yuan is one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. You probably have a familiar holiday promotion that has used the image of this union of 3 small islets.

In fact, you cannot leave here without going up to its viewpoint, from where you will get the typical and spectacular views of this bay, what a postcard of paradise!

And if not, look at the cover photo of this post, taken in that same viewpoint 😉

Although you have to pay a small fee to enjoy it, it is an ideal beach for those who only seek sun and sea, since it is everything that surrounds it. However, hosting some of the best coral on Koh Tao, it is a perfect place for snorkelling.

As it is one of the best-known beaches in Thailand, it is also one of the most visited and crowded, especially in high season, so we recommend you select the less frequented dates and times to be able to enjoy it better.

2.Mae Nam Beach, Koh Samui

Mae Nam (or Maenam) beach is located on Koh Samui island, the largest island in the Gulf of Thailand, one of the most touristy and vacation destinations for both locals and foreigners.

This island has rich natural resources, white sand beaches, coral reefs and coconut trees. Among them, Mae Nam is one of the quintessential beaches for backpacking, as in addition to being a quiet destination, it is suitable for lower budgets.

Ready to spend a few days relaxing under the shade of the palm trees of one of the Best Backpacker Beaches in Thailand?

3.Bottle Beach, in Koh Pha Ngan

Sign up Bottle Beach as one of the best beaches to visit in Thailand. It must be accessed by boat, since the island of Koh Pha Ngan where it is located does not have an airport.

It is located in a quiet bay and in an ideal environment, surrounded by palm trees. This magnificent white sand beach, crystal clear waters also has a more than perfect climate.

It is also considered an ideal place for diving and kayaking.

4.Beaches of Mu Ko Ang Thong Marine Park

Mu Ko Ang Thong Marine Park is a protected area located in the Gulf of Thailand. It has one of the most exuberant environments in the country, with clear green waters, palm trees and a total of 42 virgin islands.

We can say that it is one of the must-see visits of southern Thailand!

Ideally, stay overnight and not do the day trip, as this way you can enjoy and learn more about the beauty, flora and fauna of this very particular place.

Of all the islands, the largest is Koh Wa Talap, where the interpretation center, accommodation area and restaurants are located.

An essential for every tourist who visits this marine park is to go up to the viewpoint, but you can also practice kayaking or snorkeling.

Beaches of the west coast of Thailand

The beaches that are located in the western part of Thailand, belong to the Andaman Sea, where the country has the largest number of islands and where the best beaches in Thailand.

Here it is worth visiting the area of ​​Phuket, Krabi and the Phi Phi islands. And for this, you must bear in mind that from April to October the monsoon season occurs, bringing strong storms that could spoil your vacation days.

Y, What are the most recommended beaches in the Andaman Sea of ​​Thailand?

1.Ton Sai Beach, Krabi

On the Railay Peninsula is this picturesque beach, accessible by boat and very popular with backpackers and climbing enthusiasts. In fact, it is one of the most important places in Thailand to practice this sport.

It is an economic area, where you can find accommodation with bamboo huts, as well as restaurants and bars.

From this location you can depart with excursions to other popular beaches of Thailand, like those of the islands Phi Phi, Railay or Phra Nang beach.

2.Railay Beach, in Krabi

One of the most recommended beaches in Thailand, is definitely Railay. It is very close to Ton Sai, although the atmosphere here is quite different.

On Railay beach you can find suitable tourist resorts of various categories, as well as restaurants, bars, shops …

In addition, the peninsula has facilities on both sides, so you will not miss anything!

The environment that surrounds this beach is totally paradisiacal, with clear waters, white sand and surrounded by an exuberant tropical jungle.

Although it is not an island, you can only get here by boat, from Ao Nang beach in Krabi. Walking along a path, you can also access the charming little beach of Phra Nang and its famous cave of failcas carvings, one of the best known places in southern Thailand.

And as in Ton Sai, from here it is usual to leave by boat to other tourist beaches in Thailand, like the Phi Phi islands.

3.Bamboo Island, in Ao Nang

If you have any image of paradise in your head, it probably looks like this island. It belongs to the set of the Phi Phi islands and clearly, it can be considered one of the best unspoiled beaches in Thailand, because here there is no type of accommodation or tourist service.

For this reason, the only way to get there is by boat, through a tourist tour, either private or in a group, and stay for the duration of the excursion.

It is a perfect beach for sunbathing, swimming or snorkeling. In fact, in its crystal clear waters you can see corals and a multitude of fish of all kinds.

The only drawback is that if you coincide with several excursions, the place can be seen a little crowded.

4.Phi Phi Don Beach, Phi Phi Island

The Phi Phi Islands are part of a small archipelago found in the Andaman Sea, south of Thailand. It is a paradisiacal place, very touristy and quite developed.

It was also one of the places most affected by the 2004 Tsunami, but it quickly rose again and returned to host the great tourist demand.

Of the entire archipelago, Phi Phi Don beach is the largest, best known and the only one inhabited. Here you will have no problem finding accommodation, although the prices are among the highest you will find throughout the country.

However, Phi Phi Don could be the best beach destination in thailand, and a place where travelers often come to relax and spend a few quiet days on some of the most exotic beaches.

And don’t miss its viewpoint overlooking the entire bay!

5 Maya Beach, in Koh Phi Phi

It is located on the island of Ko Phi Phi Lee, within the Phi Phi Island and is, without a doubt, the main tourist attraction in this area and in southern Thailand, since the film “The Beach” was filmed here, with Leonardo DiCaprio, in 1999.

It is an isolated bay in the middle of the sea, with the most turquoise waters and the whitest sand you can imagine and surrounded by lush mountains. It is truly a dream place and one of the most popular beaches in Thailand, if not the most.

The problem is that to visit it you will have to come in a boat full of tourists and like this one, you will find many more. The boats stop here, you see the spectacular nature of the place, you take a dip and go back to the boat.

If you can choose, it is recommended to visit Maya Beach in the afternoon, since the crowds of tours usually coincide in the morning.

Is this one of the best beaches in the world?

6.Phang Nga Bay, Phuket

Phuket is a very tourist destination, one of the best islands in thailand and the largest in the country. Although it is not part of the more traditional or typical Thailand, this part is known mainly for its beaches and for its leisure.

Its best known beach is undoubtedly Patong, a beach with a lot of atmosphere and where you will not lack any type of tourist service. However, there are much more spectacular beaches in Phuket that we can recommend.

Such as Phang Nga Bay, one of the most beautiful areas of this small island.

It is a series of rock formations that are found within a very famous marine national park in the country and that are often part of the most widespread images of Thailand. Here you will also find islands, mountains and forests.

The most famous places in this bay are the James Bond Islands (Ko Tapu or Nail Island) and Koh Panyee (a town built on water).

Its emblem is undoubtedly the famous vertical stone in the middle of the water. You can get here with one of the organized excursions that depart from the north of the island.

Have you already noted which are the best beaches in Thailand? We hope we have guided you in your decision of which beach to choose in Thailand and that this helps you organize a dream vacation.

If you want to have much more information, do not hesitate to take a look at this post on the 20 tips for traveling to Thailand, as well as booking travel insurance with all types of coverage, such as the one you can see by clicking the following banner.

Have a nice trip to Thailand!

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