originale Wiener Sachertorte

Weltspeisen: The sweet secret of the Sachertorte in Vienna


The recipe for the original Sachertorte, which has been around since 1832, is top secret. A chocolate cake is the basis, you coat it by hand with apricot jam. Finally, the cake is glazed with couverture. The Café Sacher Wien in the Hotel Sacher recommends eating your original Sachertorte with a little unsweetened whipped cream and drinking a Wiener Melange with it.

The Sachertorte and its inventor

The cake was invented by the young Franz Sacher while he was learning to cook at Prince Metternich’s court. To what extent Franz Sacher created the cake all by himself cannot be said with certainty. Some speculate that his sister helped him or that he was inspired by cake recipes from the Biedermeier era. Franz Sacher became an important chef, who always came up with new dishes and who opened a delicatessen shop, but his brother Eduard later opened the Hotel Sacher.

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Legendary Viennese specialty

The fact that the Sachertorte became so famous and a Viennese specialty is also thanks to the inventor’s son. After reading a newspaper article about the most important dishes in Viennese cuisine, which mentioned Wiener schnitzel, apple strudel and goulash, he was very upset that the original Sachertorte was not mentioned and vehemently demanded this in a letter to the editor. With success.

Glance into the traditional Café Sacher in the old town of ViennaPhoto: dpa Picture Alliance

Where to get the cake

But there is not only the Café Sacher at Kärntner Str. 38. The K.u.K.-Hofzuckerbäckerei Demel (Kohlmarkt 14) offers confectionery, cakes, pralines and tarts that delight when you look at them. Both are not only cafes, but also sights. The Sacher cake from Demel tastes different than the original, but not worse. Everyone has their favorite. The café-pastry shop Aida, which has many branches all over Vienna, also offers Sachertorte and, like the others, in different sizes and if you want in a wooden box. This means that it can withstand transport over longer distances.

(Text: Bettina Goecmener)