Nous avons construit en un temps record de nouvelles offres de service pour organiser, promouvoir et recruter un grand nombre de professionnels sur les différences rencontre en ligne,

Webinars: MyEventStory is riding the wave of professional training

Destinations – With containment and after how did you face the crisis and what strategy did you adopt?
Francis Rosales
: ”We had to react very quickly.
Like other professionals in the sector, we have highlighted one of the character traits that most represents us: adaptability.

This allows us to always be as close as possible to the needs of our partners. During the confinement, the pros did not want to cut the link that united them to their partner distributors.
To do this, they turned to us to find turnkey online dating solutions.

We then built in record time of new service offerings to organize, promote and recruit a lot of professionals on the online dating differences, but not only!
We also designed with digital trainers, tailor-made, interactive and engaging online training offers.

So it’s a All in one formula that we have brought to our partners who have benefited from a profession in demand. The number of participants in training sessions has never been greater than since confinement !!

Webinars: great customer references in France and abroad

We were thus able to respond very quickly to the growing needs of all of our partners who did not yet have this regular channel of exchange with their partner distributors.
We currently have many requests and we are already benefiting from very good customer references in France and abroad (1) – Did you already have expertise in this field and what type of Training and webinars do you offer today?
Francis Rosales
: ”We had understood for some time, the challenge of online dating seen as the continuity of physical dating.
Indeed, being able to meet “in real life” is essential but seeing it every day is impossible.
So you had to be able to make a complementary offer to the physical meeting offer that we were proposing. The webinars were the first building block of the online meetings that we offered to our partners.
But we have never been this far before containment and we continue to improve our offer to meet the growing needs of the market.

“We are consulting the pros on a DITEX 2020 postponement date” – When do you envisage the resumption of events and in particular the one that all tourism professionals expect. I mean of course DITEX?
Francis Rosales
: ”We are, like our exhibitors, victims of this unprecedented crisis …
If the health context seems to be improving in France, we still do not have the legal authorization to be able to do this fair.

However, our intention has always been to be able to achieve this as soon as possible.
As such, we have recently taken two important steps:
1. A series of date and place options has been taken, to allow us to postpone this show for the second half of 2020
2. A survey currently underway among all of our exhibitors to submit their options with responses from them expected within 48 hours.
We believe that it is essential to seek the opinion of the exhibitors who are one of the three pillars of this fair. A majority should emerge and will allow you communicate very soon the dates of the postponement of DITEX 2020
(1) L’Occitanie Bretagne IRT de la Réunion Guyana Ireland Poland Hungary Hungary Czech Republic Slovakia Sweden Norway Finland Denmark Barhein RIU VivaWydam Saber …
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