VECI summons the unions to negotiate a combination of ERE and ERTE


In SPV they point out that “we have received today (01/28/22) an official notification from the HR Department in which we are informed of its intention to study the current situation of the Company, taking into account that the ERTE ends on February 28, and its intention to study and propose the necessary measures to guarantee the viability of the business”.

These measures would be framed in the procedures for the termination of contracts under article 51 of the Workers’ Statute and the suspension of contracts and reduction of working hours in accordance with the provisions of article 47 of the same statute.

“As usual in these procedures, we do not have more details about the considerations and approaches of the Company, which we will begin to know when they provide us with the necessary documentation and information,” explains SPV. In a period not exceeding 5 days, the Negotiating Commission will be constituted.

“For SPV, maintaining employment has always been our priority and we want to remind you that we have a signed employment guarantee until March 1 of this year,” they explain. And they add “we will have to put up with this unease for a few more days, until they explain the situation, the causes, the possible scope, magnitude and conditions of these procedures. As soon as we have the information available, we will share it with the entire workforce”.

In the case of CCOO, a brief statement specifically states that “the company has just informed us of its intention to initiate a contract termination procedure”, also alluding to the fact that the negotiation also includes an ERTE

This union explains in this sense that “we will continue to report as soon as we have more details about this new process which, from what we understand, will be a combination of ERE and ERTE”.