Valencian Community asks to increase Imserso places and a work table


At this time, and given the possibility that progress in vaccination may mean that this program is resumed in the coming months, it has been insisted that these requests can be taken into account as soon as possible, the Generalitat reported in a statement.

The general director of Tourism, Herick Campos, has sent a new letter to the general director of Imserso, Luis Alberto Barriga, to emphasize that “since the hotel sector is key to the proper functioning of this program, as well as the receiving travel agencies that act in the destinations, it would be desirable to hold a meeting with the representative associations of the same “

In addition, after influencing “in the serious situation that the sector is going through”, Campos has asked him “to take into consideration the necessary reactivation of the same, but surely and if possible, with extraordinary dimensions”. It should be remembered that the Government is preparing the new specifications of the program and this time it is expected that there will be three candidates for the contest lots: Social Tourism, Mundiplan and Logitravel through Traveltino Senior.

In his letter, he insists on “the possibility of increasing the offer of packages, as well as speeding up the procedures in accordance with the forecasts to resume Imserso trips for the month of September of this year.”

On the other hand, Turisme Comunitat Valenciana has urged to implement a reform of this Social Tourism program, including in this process “a working table with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and representative business organizations at the national level. “.

It is also proposed to have, in a timely manner, with the competent department in tourism of the autonomous communities that have more than 15% of places offered, for which “it would be necessary to have a real study of the costs of the service by whoever it is. lend “

In the letter sent, it is considered “desirable and enriching to listen to the voice of the business community”, since “this program was originally created with the objective of maintaining employment in tourist areas.”

Campos has insisted on the need to resume this program “as soon as possible, especially in destinations such as Benidorm, which concentrates around 18% of the total number of places in the Imserso, being the main peninsular destination, and where all measures can be guaranteed. security for the enjoyment of it “.