Vacation idea in France : the village of Lourmarin and its Renaissance castle

Vacation idea in France : the village of Lourmarin and its Renaissance castle

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This is one of the first castles in the South of France to have re-opened its doors after the start of the déconfinement. The castle of Lourmarin, in the Luberon, welcomes back the tourists that flock to its ten pieces of timeits exhibitions as well as a legend of its evil.

When we arrive in the charming village of Lourmarin, in the south-east of Avignon, we see only him. Overlooking the small houses, the castle was mainly built in the Renaissancein the Sixteenth century, but retains some medieval. You can discover its fortifications in the shade of the trees, rather pleasant because the heat is already affecting the Vaucluse in this period of the year.

The director of cultural affairs, Caroline Galina, described this place to discover in family or between friends “We are here on the terrace, lower castle, and before entering, we can take a look on the magnificent panorama : a stunning view on Lourmarin, here called the village of the three belfries. And you can even see from here the great mountain chain of the Luberon”.

A curse would fall on the castle

Inside the castle is located about a dozen rooms restored and furnished. In the kitchen, a massive fireplace that can accommodate up to 4 whole oxen roasting, and exhibits, including unpublished archives of the family of Albert Camus, who is buried in Lourmarin. You will also discover a piece of architecture is unique in its kindas explained Caroline Galina : “This is a monumental staircase, screw, double twist. One of the most beautiful in France, there are very few. There are visitors who pass through France to come and see this staircase“.

The building is home to usual nearly 50,000 tourists per year but they will be much less in 2020, because of the health crisis and the measures of distancing social put in place to fight against the Covid-19. These travelers coming to Lourmarin should also not be too superstitious because a curse would fall on the castle.

In one of the towers, small graffiti enigmatic represent a boat and its occupants. The legend tells that he would be a representation of the Saintes Maries, which are the subject of’an important form of worship in the gypsy community, according to which the castle is cursed. “This boat, it is a symbol of the people of the trip. When the castle was in ruins, at the beginning of the Twentieth century, some came from the eastern countries and stopped at the castle, before going on pilgrimage to Saintes-Maries-de-la-mer. They were chased by the owners, who bought and restored the castle so they would have left a curse, “said Caroline, our guide for the day.

This legend persisted into the village, however, has been challenged by the historian Jules Masson Mourey in 2019. In fact, it is estimated that these engravings are thought to date from a period much more ancientof the Sixteenth century, and would not have anything to do with Gypsies.

A wine cellar to end the visit

In the castle of Lourmarin, you will also visit the cave of the lord of the manor, held by Florian Girbal. A sub-soil cool, which was used at the time as a chapel by the evangelists Vaudoisduring their persecution. “I primarily work with small producers in the Luberon, wine-makers, each with a small claw,” said the person.

Among them is the “Bastide du clos”, the wine of a winemaker in Burgundy installed here, who works on indigenous grape varieties, producing red and white wines but also rosé. A glass, in moderation, end of how delicious this visita glade below the castle can even take a little nap then went to the visitors most of the epicureans, and the least in a hurry.