US advises against travel to the United Kingdom due to high risk of contagion


The recommendation of the US and the fact of placing the United Kingdom at alert level 4, the highest due to the risk of contagion, have coincided this Monday, July 19 with the “day of freedom” that has ended all restrictions in England.

Until now, the United Kingdom was at level 3 on the American scale, which recommends reconsidering any trip to that country, but does not directly advise against it.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been looking with President Joe Biden in recent weeks for a way to reopen safe travel between the two countries. However, this decision by the US CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, put an end to these attempts at least in the medium term.

The travel industry in both countries has also been pressing for the air connections to be resumed and very especially, tourist trips.

Travel between the two countries has not been normalized at the moment, however there were hopes of being able to open the connections again from the beginning of this summer. Let Americans now hear from your government that they are advised to avoid travel to the UK It does not change anything in practice, but it does discourage the hope of resuming normal air connections between the two countries, especially for fully immunized people on both sides of the Atlantic.

The UK at very high risk

In fact, the CDC recommends that if travel to the UK is essential and unavoidable, travelers make sure you have received both doses of the vaccine before starting it.

Right now the rate of confirmed coronavirus patients in the last 14 days in the UK is 798.36 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which indicates that it has an “extremely high” rate of coronavirus patients compared to that of the rest of the countries, according to Datosmacro de Expansión. It is registering 50,000 new cases every day.

In the US, the rate of confirmed coronavirus patients in the last 14 days is 110.27 per 100,000 inhabitants, a “very moderate” rate if we compare it with the rest of the countries with confirmed patients.

The countries on the highest risk list for the United States are the United Kingdom, Brazil, South Africa and the Netherlands, all at level 4

For its part, the US is in the amber list from the United Kingdom, which means that as of this Monday, fully vaccinated travelers who have been in the United States will not be quarantined upon their return to England.

Also Bulgaria

This Monday we learned that the British will not be able to go on holiday to the Bulgarian shores of the Black Sea, despite the fact that Bulgaria was placed on the green list of the English traffic light in the last revision.

And yet the Bulgarian Minister of Health, Stoycho Katsarov, confirmed this weekend that Bulgaria puts the UK on its red list for international travel, prohibiting the entry of visitors from that country due to the constant increase in Covid cases. A decision that also came into effect on Monday.

Bulgaria has its own traffic light for international travel, based on a system of green, amber and red zones. From this same Monday, in the United Kingdom it enters the list of red zones, which prevents the entry of British tourists.

Bulgaria has put other countries on its red list: Spain, Cyprus, Fiji and Kuwait.