Uruguay will not reopen for Brazilians (nor Argentines) this summer

Uruguay will not reopen for Brazilians (nor Argentines) this summer

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Uruguay’s reopening to tourism: no summer

Punta del Estee can wait: there will be no reopening of Uruguay for Brazilians until the pandemic is under control.

The announcement was made on October 25, on Twitter, by the Minister of Tourism, Germán Cardoso:

In his personal profile, the minister published a video to politely warn tourists from Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay that traditional Uruguayan hospitality will not be possible this summer.

The small country of Prata, which has managed to stay safe from the pandemic until today, will keep its borders closed to tourism from its neighbors.

You can understand: the total number of deaths in Uruguay (53 in 7 months) is half the current moving average of deaths in the state of São Paulo (103 per day).

The timing of the video’s publication suggests a reaction to Argentina’s decision to reopen its borders to tourism.

Uruguay fears that Uruguayans will cross the Prata to take advantage of the dollar valued in Argentina and bring the virus in their luggage. For this reason, every Uruguayan who takes advantage of the resumption of maritime transport will have to do a quarantine of 14 days when returning.

It is as we have been saying: international tourism will only return to something close to normal D.V. – After the vaccine.