UNWTO works on an international code for the protection of tourists


The UNWTO will invite other international organizations, the European Commission and the private sector to join this initiative in the coming weeks so that in the post-COVID world the sharing of responsibilities between all tourism stakeholders is “fairer and more balanced”, according to the organization based in Spain.

The establishment of a harmonized set of rules for the protection of consumers that protect tourists intends that the responsibility to attend to them in emergency situations is shared “fairly” throughout the entire tourism value chain.

This implies preventing eventual problems by preparing contingency plans, implement coordination protocols, train stakeholders to assist tourists in emergency situations and provide them with real-time information.

Tourists at an airport. Photo: EFE.

The code also intends update cross-border cooperation between governments and tourism service providers, encourage close collaboration between governments and travel and accommodation providers and consider “effective” repatriation of tourists.

The UNWTO has highlighted that the uncertainty and lack of confidence in travel are one of the greatest challenges for the reactivation of tourism, so this code will represent a decisive advance in this direction

The Organization expects the member states to approve the Code at their next General Assembly, to be held at the end of 2021 in Marrakech (Morocco).