United states the first choice of mexican travelers after the pandemic

United states the first choice of mexican travelers after the pandemic

International tourism

According to take-Off, 41% of mexicans traveling between September and December abroad, you are taking as an option on your first trip post-pandemic visit the united States, in particular the city of Los Angeles.

The reason for this trip according to a survey of take-Off, is linked with the interest for visiting family and friends; which will be housed in a 44% in homes of relatives or friends, and only 27%, we will be staying in a hotel.

The survey shows that 62% of domestic travellers planning to make this trip between September and December, and 22% will do so until the next year.

Ezekiel Rubin, Country Manager of take Off in Mexico, said that The united states continues positioning itself as the international destination preferred by the mexicans. This time, however, the particular interest in visiting that country, is related to the share a time with family and friends.

Rubin recalled that with 20 years in the market, take Off opera to date in 20 countries of the region, accompanying Latin american from the time that they dream to travel to when you are sharing memories. “Take off offers a personalized experience to over 18 million customers,” he said.

According also to a survey that we published in your time in REPORTUR.mxthe preferred destinations for mexican travelers to carry out a trip post pandemic are Riviera Maya and Cancun, followed by Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. (Take off reveals the top 4 destinations mexican most wanted)