Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut

Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut: A visit to one of the most haunted cemeteries in America


The sun is sinking lower, making the orange, red and yellow leaves glow around us. My friend and I feel alone on the road winding to the left and right, which is sometimes wider and sometimes narrower. The forest is becoming denser, the sun can no longer make it through the many leaves. It is quiet around us. Not a bird can be heard, not a cracking branch, not a leaf brushing another in the wind.

There is no sound. And no wind either. I’m slowly getting a queasy feeling. I can imagine inexplicable things going on in this forest. Or maybe I just feel that we are getting closer and closer to the horror cemetery that is the destination of our trip today.

Union Cemetery: Sightseeing hotspot for ghost lovers

The forest is thinning a bit, according to Google Maps we are not far from Union Cemetery, one of the most haunted cemeteries in the USA, built in the early 18th century. Excited, I park the car in front of the cemetery wall, and from here I can already see the first gravestones.

We walk slowly and deliberately through the cemetery, at the beginning of which (coming from Sport Hill Road) there are numerous well-preserved gravestones from the 19th and 20th centuries. American flags are stuck in the ground in front of some of them. Next to it, red with a gold logo, consisting of ax, helmet, ladder, trumpet, spear and lantern as well as the inscription “Loyal to our Duty” – commemorative flags for fire fighters.

Many graves are decorated with flags – American flags as well as commemorative flags for firefightersPhoto: Anna Wengel

We follow the path to an old rusty fence. The graves on the left are getting noticeably older. Significantly smaller stones, worked by wind and weather and partly tilted to the side, stand here. Many inscriptions are difficult to read. The graves are in the shade of the trees in the neighboring forest. In view of the sometimes centuries-old graves and their decay, the queasy feeling slowly creeps up in me again. Goosebumps run down my arms. It’s a lot colder here in the shade.

We’re not the only ones walking around the cemetery near Easton, Connecticut. At one end, a group of teenagers poses in front of a grave, taking selfie after selfie. Two other couples run through the rows of graves, taking turns tapping their phones, taking photos. Nobody looks like they came here to mourn. No wonder, the Union Cemetery is considered the home of numerous ghosts and accordingly attracts many onlookers. If you believe the numerous stories, it seems almost guaranteed that you will see a ghost here. The best known: the White Lady.

Union Cemetery, USA

In the back of the cemetery there are many older, partly dilapidated gravestones from the 18th centuryPhoto: Anna Wengel

Ghost woman scares drivers

While researching the cemetery, I kept coming across a story that I simply retell freely:

A firefighter drives them late at night Along Route 59, you will pass Union Cemetery on your way home. A figure appears out of nowhere in front of his car. A woman with dark hair and a white dress. Perplexed and far too close, the man can no longer stop in time and drives straight into the woman. Shocked, he stops the car, gets out, and looks around. Nothing can be seen, no body, no blood. Just a huge dent on the front of the car.

These and many other stories are supposed to prove that Union Cemetery is haunted. The lady known as the “White Lady” with her white nightgown or wedding dress – the observers here certainly don’t seem to be – is said to have been seen many times. Sometimes floating over the cemetery, more often on the streets next to it, Route 59 / Stepney Road and Sport Hill Road, where they seem to like to scare motorists and make them believe that they have run over someone.

We didn’t see the ghost woman. But there are apparently numerous other passers-by and ghost hunters, police officers, the firefighter and a couple who might be known to friends of paranormal activities: Ed and Lorraine Warren. The ghost hunters investigated numerous prominent ghost cases, such as Amityville Horror, wrote several books and founded the New England Society for Psychic Research – on theirs website the history of Union Cemetery is also explained. Some horror films such as “Conjuring – The Visitation” (2013) and “House of the Living Dead” (1991) are based on the work of leading American haunted researchers.

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Who is the White Lady?

In 1990 the Warrens visited Union Cemetery in Easton in search of the White Lady. Allegedly they not only saw the lady, but also produced six seconds of video footage of the figure dressed in white. Lorraine Warren is featured in several publications such as:Daily Voice, quoted: “We saw her walk along the tombstones, moving in and out. We filmed her, we don’t know who she is. ”In their book“ Graveyard ”(1992) the couple tells the story of the cemetery. Lorraine Warren is certain: “This place is haunted. It is one of the places in the area that is most haunted by ghosts. “

It is still unclear who the White Lady is. One theory has it that in the cemetery a woman named Harriet B. Seeley who died in their mid or late twenties while giving birth to their child. To this day, the lady dressed in white is said to be looking for her child. Two other theories are that the woman who is believed to haunt the cemetery today was either murdered near the turn of the 20th century and her body thrown into a hole behind the church near the cemetery, or that her husband killed her around 1940.

The White Lady is not supposed to be the only ghost in the cemetery, by the way. “Red Eyes” is another phenomenon that is said to have met several people. Behind the name is a pair of red eyes that are said to appear in the forest at the cemetery every now and then. The eyes are said to belong to a man named Earle Kellog, who was lit across the street in 1935 and died. In addition to these very clear ghost appearances, visitors to the cemetery report numerous light phenomena that were discovered with their own eyes or later in photos.

If you want to go on a ghost search yourself, you should know one thing in advance: The cemetery is forbidden to visitors at night and is monitored by the police. Driving there and looking from the outside is of course still possible.

Note: The United States are from COVID-19 particularly badly affected and still classified as a risk area. The Federal Foreign Office is currently advising against unnecessary tourist trips to the USA.