Restriction voyage Tunisie : test PCR négatif moins de 72h avant l’arrivée

Tunisia travel restriction: negative PCR test less than 72 hours before arrival


In addition to this negative PCR test to be presented, entry into Tunisian territory is accompanied by self-isolation measures applicable to travelers on their arrival in Tunisia and determined on the basis of a classification of the countries of origin into three zones (green, orange and other countries) according to the circulation of the epidemic and the risk of contamination with Covid-19:

Green zone (country at low risk of contamination):
o Presentation of a negative PCR test on boarding, carried out within 72 hours before the trip;
o No self-isolation measure.
Orange zone (country at risk of moderate contamination – including France since August 15, 2020):

o Presentation of a negative PCR test on boarding, carried out within 72 hours before the trip;
o Presentation of a health card;
o Written commitment to self-isolate (in a hotel or at home) for a period of 14 days;
o Possibility of doing a second PCR test 6 days after the date of arrival on Tunisian soil. If the test is negative, possibility of leaving the fortnight;
o For tourists, visits to museums, monuments and archaeological sites will be authorized provided that the sanitary measures specific to each site are respected.

Written commitment to self-isolate

Other countries (with a high risk of contamination): the authorities to enter the territory will only be persons of Tunisian nationality, resident in these countries and returning to Tunisia.
The classification by the Tunisian authorities of countries according to the level of risk is available on the website of theNational Observatory for New and Emerging Diseases This classification is subject to change, it is therefore strongly recommended to take note of it before any trip to Tunisia.

A toll-free number has been opened by the local authorities for anyone wishing to learn about these measures: 00 216 80 10 19 19.

It is recommended to keep yourself regularly informed and consult the website of the French Embassy in Tunisia.