Travel agencies lose up to 85% of their job compared to 2019


The information corresponds to the vice president of the PDAV, Elena Casado, who has added that, according to her data from the PDAV, an organization that fundamentally represents small travel agencies and independent operators, this sector has lost between 90 and 95% of your billing compared to last 2019.

About 3,000 closings

Casado has estimated at 3,000 the number of agencies that have already confirmed the closure, ensuring that it could increase in the coming months because “many companies will not be able to cope with surety insurance.”

The agencies integrated in the PDAV claim the challenge of Royal Decree 23/2018, a norm that regulates package travel contracts, according to which, the travel retailer, despite acting as an intermediary, is responsible for cancellations of products provided by wholesalers.Likewise, the platform denounces that in Spain the agencies have had 14 days since June to make returns regardless of whether the provider has reimbursed them the money. For this reason, travel agencies demand that direct aid be launched for the sector, which has lost since the previous season and has remained without income since March.”The tax burden remains the same and the payment of our loans, ‘ICO’ or rentals, do not stop either. Not to mention the ERTE (Temporary Employment Regulation Files) while the clients’ claims to recover their refunds they are accumulating “, they have denounced