Train to Guarulhos airport: now departing hourly, every day

Train to Guarulhos airport: now departing hourly, every day

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Do you want to escape the traffic jam in São Paulo to get to or leave the Guarulhos’ airport? Since December 1, 2020 the train to airport now has 20 daily frequencies, from Sunday to Sunday.

(The old Connect line, which left Brás subway station, has been closed.)

Expresso Aeroporto trains connect to Luz station from CPTM (served by metro lines 1 and 4) to Aeroporto Guarulhos station from CPTM, which is 500 meters from Terminal 1, 2 km from Terminal 2 and 3 km from Terminal 3.

a free bus, which leaves every 15 minutes, leads to Terminal 2 and to Terminal 3 in about 10 minutes.

Guarulhos airport train: Airport Express

Airport Express: platform 5 of Estação da Luz

  • One-way: Luz Station-Guarulhos Airport
  • Intermediate stop: Cecap-Guarulhos station
  • Duration: 38 minutes on the train + 8 to 12 minutes on the bus to the terminals (add travel time to / from Luz station and up to 15 minutes of waiting for the bus).
  • Return route: Guarulhos Airport – Luz Railway Station
  • Intermediate stops: Cecap-Guarulhos station and Brás station (connected to metro line 2)
  • Schedules:
    • Daily: 5 am to midnight, hourly
  • Rate: R $ 4.40 per trip

Pros of Expresso Aeroporto

  • The Expresso Aeroporto is connected to two metro lines: the 4-Yellow (with stations in Pinheiros, Jardins, Paulista, Higienópolis and República) and 1-Blue (which serves, among other neighborhoods, Vila Mariana, Paraíso, Liberdade, Centro Velho and Santana, in addition to the Tietê and Jabaquara bus stations)
  • The Expresso Aeroporto has an advantage over the taxi: it is not subject to traffic jams on the stretch of arrival at the airport, which usually scares late passengers
  • Expresso Aeroporto trains don’t go crowded
  • The Airport Express is cheap for a direct train (costs less than $ 1)

Cons of Expresso Aeroporto

  • Despite the new timetables, the Expresso Aeroporto is still widely spaced. The ideal was to leave every half hour. It is necessary to plan the itinerary so as not to miss the flight
  • Expresso Aeroporto has no luggage compartment

Worth it?

The Airport Express train may be worth:

  • For those who leave a place near a station on the 4-Yellow or 1-Blue metro lines
  • For those arriving at the airport and destined for a location close to a station on the 4-Yellow, 1-Blue or 2-Red metro lines
  • For those staying in the hotel area at the intersection of Paulista and Consolação
  • For those who don’t want to spend R $ 39 executive bus, between R $ 150 and R $ 200 by taxi or between R $ 75 and R $ 150 by Uber

Is the final bus stretch a problem?

In my opinion, this is an overestimated problem. There are very few airports where the metro or train terminal is within walking distance of check-in (as in Amsterdam, Lisbon, Porto). At most airports the train reaches a terminal, and from there you have to keep walking (with the help of moving walkways) or by monorail to the other terminals.

A bus is certainly a more underdeveloped solution than a monorail, but it can be efficient: it is enough that the frequency is oiled to coincide with the arrivals and departures of the trains.

In any case, the connecting monorail has already been approved and will start to be built in January, following the model of the Porto Alegre airport air train.