Train from London to Amsterdam is now direct in both directions

Train from London to Amsterdam is now direct in both directions

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When the Eurostar high-speed train between London and Amsterdam was launched in April 2018, it was only direct on the route from the UK to the continent. In the opposite direction, it was necessary to change trains in Brussels.

The reason for this was the passage through Immigration.

The Schengen Area (an association of European countries that abolished internal borders) has always maintained an immigration outpost at St. Pancras station in London.

For early immigration to be possible also in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom needed to set up outposts at the central stations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. (At the other Eurostar embarkation points on the mainland – Brussels, Lille and Paris – this post already existed.)

It took the European Union’s diplomatic bureaucracy more than two years before the grace of British immigration into Dutch territory was achieved.

Finally, since October 26, 2020, the route is direct in both directions. From London to Amsterdam or from Amsterdam to London it will take you 4 hours and 9 minutes.

Who the blog knows: a 4-hour train ride from the center of a city to another can be faster than a 1-hour flight by plane – when you will spend time traveling between cities and airports, you will have to report for boarding in advance and still waste time waiting for luggage on the conveyor belt.

When comparing airfare and train prices, always include the cost of travel between cities and airports. And don’t forget to buy in advance, between 60 and 90 days, to get discounted fares on the train. For times and prices, use the website