Tourist, welcome to your own city | #TravelingInNews

Tourist, welcome to your own city | #TravelingInNews

International tourism

Botanical Garden, Rio de Janeiro

Until we travel again to distant places, being a tourist within the city itself is the order of the day. Tourist attractions that reopen with the proper protocols will provide safe trips close to home.

Take the example of the Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro. This Thursday, the 9th, the Botanical Garden will be the first tourist attraction in Rio to receive visitors again.

All visits will be scheduled, by appointment by the site. Before buying a ticket, the visitor must accept the regulation – which includes the mandatory use of a mask, the observation of social distance and the need to bring their own water, since the drinking fountains are sealed.

With a limited number of visitors, the Botanical Garden emerges as a spectacular stroll of unfinished nature, ideal for enjoying nature under the pleasant sun of the winter in Rio. Much safer than going to the beach or Leblon at night.

So, have you thought about the attractions of your city that you have postponed visiting until today? When they reopen, they will be the best choice to kill the longing to tour.

Posted on 7/7/2020

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