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Tourism professionals: why should you attend the next sector fairs?


Create synergies with other professionals

This first point, a priori rather obvious, is in reality all the more valid at a time when the tourism sector is slowly resuming its course. The various encounters that you will be able to make at trade fairs could help you in your daily task. Indeed, some companies deliver a service such that it would allow you to be proactive, to save time in the management of your tasks and to have an always, or even more, qualitative customer approach. The situation, although recent efforts are promising, remains sensitive and very changing. Knowing how to surround yourself professionally is therefore the key to your success. In our sector, it is now a question of doubling vigilance and rigor to achieve the same objectives as before 2020: satisfying and building customer loyalty. Trade shows are also an opportunity to discover new players, to open up to new opportunities and to learn more about aspects that may still be little explored by your company, such as influence marketing or new teleworking practices.

Learn from each other’s experiences

Since March 2020, travel professionals have been forced to rethink their way of working, adopt new tools, new monitoring habits (destinations, restrictions, borders, documentation…), expand their services… collect good practices of your colleagues and expert service providers in the sector could therefore only enrich your knowledge and why not, invite you to review your strategy once the show is over. Some companies have been able to bounce back and adapt during the Covid-19 crisis. As far as possible, this is a precious quality when one is dependent on a sector where everything can stop overnight. it is therefore very likely that some entrepreneurs at heart will share with you the ideas they have had to keep their business above water. Moreover, without even having demonstrated innovation or renewal, it will always be interesting to be able to discuss with other professionals and to collect their state of mind 2 years after the appearance of the virus.

Understand where the market is in a post-Covid era

After long months disrupted by strict health measures, the closure of country borders, living mainly from tourism for some, it goes without saying that the world has changed, and that the tourism sector is undoubtedly one of those suffered the most from the health crisis. The needs of consumers have changed, their desires too, just as the profession of travel professionals has also evolved. Today, it is a question of reassuring the traveler, of being able to answer any questions he may have about health conditions and the administrative formalities to be carried out to travel to the destination of his choice. Professional travelers have also been hampered by the health crisis and are struggling to take off again. Teleworking has become more democratic, new companies have emerged, consumers’ vision has turned towards a wish for better consumption: consciences seemed to have awakened when Nature took back its rights during from the first confinement in the spring of 2020. The travel sector is gradually picking up, good news is being released every day. The challenge for professionals will therefore be to clearly understand how to relaunch the activity according to new needs and new environmental and societal issues. For example, a number of employees can take the plunge by moving abroad to telecommute, with more and more destinations offering a special telecommuting visa. In addition, here you will find advice on how to guarantee a worry-free departure for your customers in 2022.

Propose new destinations to your travelers

Following border closures, some destinations have yet to consider reopening to international travel. To overcome this setback, why not embark on new destinations? Countries that would be added to your catalog and that would ultimately allow you to capture new customers. Participating in trade fairs will give you access to fruitful exchanges with exhibitors and visitors to the destinations of the moment, those which have reopened to tourism and which have put in place exceptional measures to welcome travelers, etc.

Meet and physically find your audience

Finally, what could be more pleasant than to reconnect physically with its customers, its partners, its entire network? After long months deprived of major events and tangible contacts, you must certainly find yourself in the same state of mind as ours: impatient to be able to exchange in the flesh, rediscover this unique atmosphere of trade fairs, both formal and informal, and remove this barrier, as practical as it is, from digital. Physical meetings are also an opportunity to be able to test products live and to feel a feeling with your interlocutor, different from that which a video exchange supposes. To discuss with you, our Visamundi agency will be present at DITEX on March 30 and 31 at the Palais du Pharo in Marseilles. Travel agencies, tour operators, destinations, hotels, receptive, we are here to support you in your recovery! 🌐


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