82% des structures hôtelières (soit 48 établissements) auront réouverts leurs portes aux voyageurs au 1er juillet 2020 Depositphotos.com Packshot

Tourism: Martinique in the starting blocks for recovery


Martinique stands ready to welcome its tourists.
With the new provisions adopted by the French Overseas Ministry on Friday June 12, the Martinican tourism professionals say they are relieved.
Indeed, since June 22, it is no longer necessary to have a compelling reason to go to Overseas. Today, all passengers are invited to carry out a Covid-19 screening test in the 72 hours preceding the flight, followed by about seven if the result is negative. As of July 10, this mandatory septaine will therefore be eliminated.

This is very good news for our travel professionals and travelers wishing to travel to Martinique this summer. Travelers must regain the confidence to travel. The Martinique Tourism Committee supports all tourism professionals to ensure enhanced health prevention and protection in each of the establishments, thereby preserving the health security of customers.
Martinique, it “M” and it awaits you!
“Emphasizes Karine Mousseau, President of the Martinique Tourism Committee.

More flights and 82% of hotel structures will reopen on July 1

From July 10, the number of passengers authorized on each flight will be uncapped and the number of flights to La Martinique will gradually increase, in agreement with the elected representatives of the territories.
Departing from Paris-Orly Airport, Air Caraïbes and Corsair resumed their daily direct flights to Fort-de-France since June 26, while LEVEL will offer 3 direct flights per week from August 1. Air France, for its part, will continue to operate its daily direct flights, departing from Paris CDG until July 5, then departing from Orly as of July 6.

To support Martinique tourism professionals in the implementation of new health protocols, the Martinique Tourism Committee has set up continuous training.
So, from July 1, 82% of hotel structures (48 establishments) will have reopened their doors to travelers. This represents more than 3,000 rooms already available for booking.

A 4-stage recovery plan for the Martinique Tourism Committee

The Martiniquais Tourism Committee is currently working on a recovery plan to win back its markets. It is structured around 4 phases.
Initially, the priority of the Martinican Committee is to seduce its local market, by encouraging Martinicans to go on vacation to their homes. A recently launched campaign with a program “Go on vacation in Martinique”, to encourage Martiniquais to visit their island and support local tourism. (See box)
The second stage concerns the regional market, starting in July. The French islands (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint-Barthélemy, Saint-Martin) for the first time, to launch a regional campaign. The resumption of regional flights is one of the factors that will facilitate flows between these 4 destinations.
The 3rd phase targets the national market. For this, a “French Caribbean” campaign, uniting Martinique and its neighboring islands, will be carried out in October with partial funding by Atout France, the armed wing of tourism for the State.
Finally, the 4th stage, planned from November, concerns the recovery of the international market, subject to the resumption of international flights.

20 years of the “Go on vacation in Martinique” campaign

This year again, the Martinique Tourism Committee is conducting the “Go on Vacation in Martinique” operation. An awareness campaign for Martinicans and Guadeloupeans to encourage them to consume the island’s tourism products and thus support local tourism.
For the 20 years of the operation, the Martinique Tourism Committee has partnered with the international model Mélodie Monrose, ambassador of Martinique.

For the occasion, more than 200 promotional offers are available in all sectors : outdoor activities, nautical excursions, museums, hotels, tourist residence, unusual places, etc.
Go to the website dedicated to the operation: www.partezenvacancesenmartinique.com