Tourism leaders predict up to 15 years for recovery

Tourism leaders predict up to 15 years for recovery

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The recovery of the tourism sector in Mexico will be slow and some executives of companies like Aeromexico or Group Xcaret believe that the return to the values pre-crisis could take between three to 15 years in the worst scenarios.

During the virtual meeting ‘How will return of the travel industry in crisis more profound?’, attended by executives from major tour companies, one of the main conclusions has been that despite the re-opening transient of the destinations and the return of a trickle of tourists, the prices in the market should continue to drop, which will cause the recovery to be slower, publishes Daily The Independent.

The number of travelers is reduced to half, so that the demand will be less with the same offer, a situation that will result in the permanent closure of companies in the sector. It also provides for the drop of prices in fees of all tourist services, which will require companies to greater attention on the marketing rates with aggressive and competitive, have been highlighted in the quote.

The management participants also have agree that they expect to be applied to global international standards for all countries that are safe, practical and non-invasive. All in all, believe that the future is still uncertain for the industry in Mexico, because, as was asserted Alex Zozaya, chief executive officer of ALG, “the Government of Mexico has not granted any help, because the tourism industry does not matter”, something that has been reiterated on repeated occasions, as has been published (Zozaya: “AMLO has left us sidelined since the first day”).