Tourism investments, better positioned in the face of uncertainty


Christoph Schuhpartner of Lakestar LP, has admitted in this regard that “these are tough times for investors, who feel that pressure on profits. But of course it is not the end of the story, there have always been hard times that we have had to face, and new challenges arise”.

from left From right, the moderator, Charuta Fadnis, from Phocuswright; Suzanna Chiu, head of Amadeus Ventures; Christian Saller, general partner of HV Capital; and Christoph Schuh, a partner at Lakestar LP.

New challenges in which some actors are going to find it more difficult, such as the new brands that want to enter the tourism ecosystem and attract investorsas Schuh has pointed out.

They will also have more problems, as pointed out Christian Sallergeneral partner of H.V. Capital“the small companies who tend to be more conservative in their strategies digitization and modernizationalthough there are also providers for them”.

Destination of investments

Investments in technology, as explained by Suzanna Chiu, head of Amadeus Ventures, “focus on reduce friction existing in the different phases of the customer experience, such as in the VAT recovery for non-community tourists, where there is still much to do”.

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Schuh sees potential for development in the variants of means of payment applied to the tourism sector, as well as in services related not only to B2B, but also to B2B2C. “There is still a long way to go”, concluded the moderator of the table, Charuta FadnisSenior Vice President of Research and Product Strategy at Phocuswright.