Tourism companies in the Balearic Islands will be able to benefit from the regrowth ERTE


As explained by the Balearic president at a press conference, After creating the figure of regrowth ERTE, it was not interpreted by the SEPE that these files had to do with tourism companies, because the outbreaks did not refer to the tourism issue.

Now, after negotiations with the head of the Government’s Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, these companies in the sector may also be incorporated

Armengol during the meeting.

In this regard, the president explained that these ERTE include “more advantageous” conditions than cases due to force majeure or economic reasons, such as bonuses of 80% in companies with fewer than 50 workers and 60% in those with more than 50 employees, “which from now on more companies will be able to take advantage of,” according to Armengol.

The advice of Germany to its citizens not to travel to the Balearic Islands due to the high incidence of the coronavirus, Armengol stressed, has a high impact on the economy of the islands by joining the return quarantine imposed by the United Kingdom. To mitigate that impact, he added, the regional executive has agreed with the minister an interpretation of the ERTE regulations appropriate to the work structurel of the archipelago.

Armengol has announced that, in addition to making it easier for companies whose activity falls drastically due to the German decision or due to other political decisions such as the closure of nightclubs, the Ministry will allow the bonuses to take advantage of the “regrowth ERTE”. 50% of the fixed discontinuous prices that leave the ERTE are also maintained when they are covered by the protection measure.

Precisely, Armengol has valued the German measure of recommending not to travel to the Balearic Islands and recalled that the country makes its decisions based on its own criteria.

“We have explained our figures with indicators that are transparent, every day we have explained the situation. We must take into account the floating population that is not counted and leaves us in a worse situation,” he stressed

In this regard, he has ensured that working with tour operators and the German government to make “economic recovery or economic maintenance” decisions.

New restrictions

On the other hand, the president and the councilor have reported on the new restrictions that have been adopted in the leisure sector, in line with those advanced last Friday by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa. These new measures include the ban on daytime parties in swimming pools and boats, the so-called party boats, while alcohol will also be prohibited on boats that make excursions.

Armengol, who recalled that the Balearic Islands had already banned nightlife and drinking bottles after concluding the state of alarm, has announced that the BOIB will publish tomorrow the recommendations agreed with the Government and will reinforce them with these new restrictions.

Another of the conditions established by the Balearic Islands is the obligation of establishments open to the public to install a sign outside with the maximum capacity, the schedule and the obligations that citizens have to comply with the safety distance and wear the mask inside, in view of that during the inspections they have been able to verify that many have not installed them

Likewise, Gómez has reported that quarantine will be recommended and PCR to those passengers who arrive from the 25 countries with the highest incidence of coronavirus in the last 14 days. In this regard, he pointed out that according to the Ministry of Health, countries such as Russia, the United States or Brazil currently top that list.

Aremngol and Gómez.

The councilor has also stressed that all those infected asymptomatic who cannot maintain isolation conditions at home can stay at the Meliá Palma Bay hotel. (See Meliá Palma Bay will receive asymptomatic patients from Monday).

Armengol and the Minister of Health have met today with the presidents of the island councils, the Federation of Municipalities and the Palma City Council to inform them of the new measures adopted due to the pandemic.