Top hotel managers encourage the sector to commit to change


Dillip Rajakarier has recognized in this sense that “the hotel industry has historically remained quite backward and needs focus on digitally transforming to ensure a frictionless experience for your customers”.

The CEO of Minor Hotels has revealed at IHIF that the Group is currently developing its own cryptocurrency so that it can be used by customers to pay for its offer of services in food and beverages, spa and rooms in its hotels

Larry Cuculic has also encouraged owners to make it easier for your leadership style evolves with the times. Not in vain has he recognized that “my responsibilities at work changed and who I was as a leader too”, taking into account that last year he acquired the highest responsibilities at the head of Best Western.

from left From right, Larry Cuculic, CEO of Best Western; Federico González Tejera, CEO and President of Radisson Hotel Group; Dillip Rajakarier, CEO of Minor Hotels; and the moderator, Rachelle Peterson, from CNN.

Best Western’s CEO advocates “realizing that we can change and adapt as leaders. There are some essential characteristics associated with that role –communication, authenticity and culture-, but how we transfer them to our activity can change”.

“A positive company culture is the key to retaining talent, as it is easier to leave your job when you don’t feel part of the company culture or family,” according to Cuculic

The culture of a company like Minor, as Rajakarier has explained, “is driven by the values ​​of the entrepreneur, not limiting team members with policies and procedures, and allowing them to be fully owners of their decisions”.

Great opportunities after two years of pandemic

For his part, Federico González Tejera has assured that the changes that have taken place in the last two years have generated opportunities for groups like Radisson, thanks to the fact that the owners have questioned more what brands they were with. In fact it has announced in the Forum 330 future hotels planned to be signed this year alone in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Asia-Pacific regions, as published HOSTELTUR tourism news in This is Radisson’s growth plan for 2022.

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Changes in the last two years have also caused Best Westernaccording to Cuculic, “has put the focus on the long stay market, a tremendous opportunity that we want to continue developing in the future. we knew we had to grow, not only in terms of scale but across all segments, to remain relevant. One of our challenges as the world changes is how to market effectivelybecause you have to be relevant to be there where your client is going to book”.