Thousands of tourists come in search of the vaccine Covid

Thousands of tourists come in search of the vaccine Covid

International tourism

Definitely, the internal tourism in the united States lives in a wave of tourism-based vaccines for the coronavirus. There are No two states in the country that have the same criteria for vaccination, so that tens of thousands of americans are traveling to other states in search of the vaccine that can be applied to your case. For example, if you are breeding minks, go to Wisconsin; if you are a journalist, to Colorado because there they are considered a priority; if you are a smoker, New Jersey, that the vaccinated before. And so on until infinity. There are even argentines who have flown from their home country to Florida, where do not ask for more than the age. Also in India there is an explosion of trips of this nature, but for London specially.

Jay Wolfson, a doctor of Florida says to the correspondent of The Guardian that “people come from Canada, Brazil, New York or Geordia. Some of my friends tell me that they were getting with people of Venezuela, who had come from that country.”

There are ads of travel agencies in the media confesses to this doctor, he says he has received calls from friends to ask if they could get the vaccine. The case of Florida is unique: vaccine to any person who proves that he has more than 65 years. Now, these days, are controls that are resident in Florida, but at least there are 50 thousand non-residents already vaccinated. And, in addition, many vaccinated are temporary residents.

The specialists are very hard to with this type of tourism that generates problems to the health. But it is admitted that the system has holes for the who sneaks people. Also, it is explained that it is possible that some of these vaccinees may have difficulties in getting the second dose, if you are a tourist.

In India, for its part, all the press has ads of travel agencies that claim to offer a round trip to countries that are already vaccinated, to be inoculated. Do not explain the mechanism, but there are trips to Great Britain and the united States with vaccine included. This digital has seen for example the ads of Chariot World Tours, offering a package of 4 nights (with one on the plane), starting from Bengaluru to London and return, by 129 thousand rupees, equivalent to 1,450 euros. Includes travel, accommodation and even a small cultural tour of London.

The agency does not clarify how to solve the problem of the second dose, given at least three weeks after.