This New Year's Eve, white view | #TravelingInNews

This New Year’s Eve, white view | #TravelingInNews

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It happened everywhere: the city of Rio de Janeiro announced the cancellation of the party for the next New Year’s Eve in Copacabana.

It was a wise decision. As long as we do not have an effective vaccine and we are not all vaccinated, no crowds will be festive.

Without shows or fireworks, the turn of the year in Rio will return, for a year, to its origins. Only people who like to follow the rites (or superstitions) that make Brazilian New Year’s Eve so peculiar will go to the beach.

In addition, in the absence of a central party in Copacabana, any beach in the city will be worth it. The audience, which would already be naturally smaller, will be diluted along the entire border.

Coincidentally, this week our white masks arrived. We have already separated those from New Year’s Eve.

Posted on 26/7/2020

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