The word is: protocol | #TravelingInNews

The word is: protocol | #TravelingInNews

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Until a few months ago, the word ‘protocol’ used to appear only when we made a complaint or request. “Write down the protocol number”: remember?

After the pandemic, ‘protocol’ took on new meaning. It has become the magic word that can allow you to resume certain activities with some security.

Adherence to the new protocols is so important for a responsible resumption that, in many cases, it will be necessary to commit in writing to accepting the rules.

After reopening, the GJP hotels (Wish, Prodigy and Lynx chains) started to send the customer a regulation that needs to be read and accepted at the time of booking.

The city of Paraty, which reopened on the 1st for visitors with confirmed reservations at inns, created a similar system. After making the reservation, the hostel needs to send the form with the new protocols to the guests. The document must be presented, duly signed, at the city entrance barrier. Otherwise, access will not be allowed.

For this to work, however, adherence cannot be just protocol …

Published on 3/8/2020

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