The UK foresees possible restrictions in October


Coinciding with the middle of the school semester, restrictions could be introduced in the United Kingdom, although a complete closure is not proposed if not totally necessary. Government advisers recommend planning the closure to minimize its social and economic impact, a better option than having to improvise on the fly when the rise in new infections is already alarming.

The sources explain, to the British media that echo this possibility, that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is willing to reintroduce the mandatory mask and social distance in public spaces and in transport. They also point to the possibility that travel restrictions return.

The advisers are clear that vaccines work, and that despite the increase in cases, it is very difficult to reach the same death figures as last year. Currently, the trend that hospitalizations follow is to reach the levels seen in October 2020, according to the same sources

The problem in the United Kingdom would be, as in the rest of the countries that have had an effective vaccination strategy, the collapse of emergencies and primary care, which can then impact revenue and ICUs, warn government advisers. Vaccines keep deaths and severe cases from reaching the levels we’ve known in 2020, but they do not prevent infections or all income, they remember.

Photo by Jack Finnigan on Unsplash.

The figures are not good, although the severity of the cases is less

At this time, the 70.7% of the population have received at least one dose of the vaccine in the UK, and the 63.4% have received the complete guideline. This Monday, September 6, 41,192 people tested positive and 45 patients died. Hospital admissions are around a thousand a day.

The media compares these figures with those of the October 31, 2020, when England decreed its second national closure, and when the vaccination program had not yet started. That day there were 16,479 new confirmed cases and 1,461 hospitalizations.

As a last resort

The Minister responsible for the Vaccination Plan, Nadhim Zahawi has told the BBC that he “has not seen” the reports on a possible shutdown in October, however, another government spokesperson, while rejecting the notion of “a new shutdown”, did admit that “Some restrictive measures” could be reintroduced at some point “as a last resort”, to avoid unsustainable pressure on the national health system.

The minister for vaccines said that the objective is “the transition from the pandemic state to the endemic state [la presencia habitual de una enfermedad] and fight against the virus year yes, year no, according to the needs, because will be with us for many years. But the goal is also not to have to shut down our economy and not have to take tough measures like we had to do in December of last year. “