The train, out of aid due to the war, warns of a price increase

The train, out of aid due to the war, warns of a price increase

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The railway transport sector warns of an increase in the price of tickets of up to 30% after learning that it will not receive any help from the government’s plan to alleviate inflation and the increase in costs due to the invasion of Ukraine, according to The Economist. (Renfe tries to combat the “Ouigo effect” with low cost prices and more frequencies)

The measures are mainly focused on gasoline, diesel, household electricity and electrointensive industry. But it must be remembered that the passenger railway is based, for the most part, on electricity as traction, and the operators are subject to the price set by the contracts that Adif has with the electricity companies, so they will be directly affected. (Avlo and Ouigo deal a hard blow to the plane)

From one of the operators that provides service in Spain, they point out to the aforementioned medium that “passing on the price increase would mean that the train would again be limited to people with certain purchasing powers”, that is, “the product would again be elitist and exclusive”.

To this we must add the negative impact that Brussels’ support for the decarbonization of the sector will have. The companies warn that it threatens their viability if the costs are not passed on to the traveler. It would stop “completely the modal change that we were starting to see from polluting media to sustainable media,” they lament.