“The tourism sector is dying and is abandoned by the Government”


In two days, the Government, the employers and the union members will meet to discuss the extension of the ERTE, in force until September 30, a task that according to Almodóbar should have been resolved months ago because “there is a lot of money at stake.” “The employer makes a significant investment in opening every day and keeping staff”, so they and their workers “need certainty.” The Popular Party asks that the ERTE be extended until spring 2021.

“August was not a month of vacation for those responsible, it was a month of being at the foot of the canyon working and worrying,” he told HOSTELTUR, after stating that the steps taken by the Government have been bad because there are “competing countries that have been announcing measures and have made Spain lose competitiveness against them.”

They are destinations that will do everything possible to retain these tourists and next year, when they have to travel they will repeat. We are losing competitiveness and we are going to face a disadvantage, “warned the spokesman for Tourism of the Popular Parliamentary Group.

Agustin Almodóbar, spokesman for Tourism of the Popular Parliamentary Group.

The sector is left to its own devices by the government (…) There is a Minister of Tourism who is missing, who should be leading the defense of the tourism sector, but she has been unable ”, questioned Almodóbar and pointed out that at the beginning of August she was asked to appear, and on the third,“ to that they explain what actions and what negotiations were carried out to avoid the negative effects of the restrictions that other countries are putting ”.

Faced with this “quiet response”, they presented in mid-August a battery of measures for the recovery of tourism. Some of them:

  • That at least 30% of European funds be used to support the sector
  • That the Government assume the cost of COVID tests for tourists visiting the country
  • That safe corridors are established with the main source markets
  • 25% reduction in airport charges until 2021 inclusive
  • “Super reduced” VAT for the remainder of the year and all of 2021
  • Elimination of tourist taxes
  • Tax incentives to reactivate consumption within Spain

“It is going to take a lot for the sector to reactivate itself and many people will stay along the way”

“The forecasts are worrying because the summer seemed to be able to be saved, but it has barely been covered a little. It will take a lot for the sector to reactivate itself and a lot of people will stay along the way. It will begin to be seen from January, when the ICO loans have to be paid, how are they going to pay it if there is no activity? ”, He asked HOSTELTUR.

And he concluded by saying that “it cannot be that the most competitive country in the world in tourism does not have all its actions aimed at supporting the sector that creates the most wealth and jobs.”